• UC regents approve tuition-hike plan - 11/20/2014 12:42 PM PST
    Talk Back: Emissions pact
    Do you approve of the carbon emissions agreement the U.S. made with China?

    (Tell us why or why not?)
    UC regents approve tuition-hike plan

    UC regents approve plan to raise tuition by up to 28 percent by 2019. The 14-7 roll-call vote was taken over the cries of protesters in the audience, who yelled angrily when it passed.

    UC Berkeley students stage sit-in protest  

    ( Karl Mondon )
    PUC fines PG&E $1 million in San Bruno disaster

    The state Public Utilities Commission, responding to a widening email scandal, ordered on Thursday a $1.05 million fine against PG&E and a potential $400 million reduction in what gas customers would have to pay to finance gas system improvements linked to a fatal explosion in San Bruno, in a ruling that was quickly blasted on multiple fronts. 
    Pleasanton: What's at the bottom of Shadow Cliffs lake?

    Volunteer divers dredge out hundreds of pounds of trash -- from beer bottles to old bikes to motor boats. 
    Purdy: Olympic bid for Bay Area a folly

    San Francisco isn't big enough to host Olympics Games and is too big-headed to make it work with other Bay Area cities
    Pinole Valley High design costs may double

    The West Contra Costa school district facilities subcommittee approved a $7.5 million increase to the design contract for Pinole Valley High School, pushing the contract to $16 million, nearly double the original amount approved for the school's design. 
    Raiders' struggling offense has hands full with Chiefs

    Thursday night feature: An offense averaging 257.6 yards over the last five games, struggling to run, pass or find the end zone. 


    (Pauline Lubens/Staff file photo)
    Quinn: Is Larry Page America's best CEO?

    Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page has been laying big bets that move the company beyond its original mission of organizing the world's information and making it useful and accessible. In Page's vision, Google should do no less than create the future.