Talk Back: Obama's speech
Do you approve of President Obama's new strategy to combat ISIS?

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(David M. Barreda, Mercury News)
Larry Ellison steps aside as Oracle CEO

Larry Ellison's stunning announcement Thursday that he is stepping aside as CEO of Oracle, the corporate colossus he has overseen for 37 years, signals a historic shift in the Bay Area's technology landscape, though the impact on his company remains unclear because Ellison is vowing to stay intimately involved.
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Former Oakland Raiders can pinpoint downfall: Hue Jackson's dismissal

Arizona Cardinals Carson Palmer, Jared Veldheer and Matt Shaughnessy shed light on how things went south. 
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Former Santa Cruz man arrested as King Fire arson suspect

A 37-year-old former Santa Cruz man with a local criminal history was arrested Wednesday in connection with an El Dorado County wildfire that has grown exponentially and forced nearly 2,800 people to evacuate. 
(David M. Barreda, Mercury News)
Larry Ellison, one of Silicon Valley's seminal CEOs, gives up his job after nearly four decades

Larry Ellison, who for 37 years steered Oracle to become one of the world's biggest and well known technology companies, is giving up his position as CEO to become the company's executive chairman and chief technology officer.

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