Talk Back: Iran relations
Do you believe U.S.-Iranian negotiations will stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons?

(Tell us why or why not?)
( Dai Sugano )
Lawmakers considering foster care overhaul

The California Legislature will consider a major overhaul this year of how the state cares for thousands of traumatized foster children, a sweeping effort to curb the excessive use of psychiatric drugs in foster care.

Special Report: Drugging Our Kids 

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Measles outbreak raises fury over vaccine exemptions

California's permissive vaccine law is under fire as the state struggles to contain a fast-moving outbreak of measles, a once-controlled infectious disease that has sickened more than 90 people across the state and threatens many more. 
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Purdy: Preparing for Super Bowl 50

The Bay Area's Super Bowl 50 is in Arizona to get an up-close preview of what things could look like in Santa Clara and San Francisco in 2016.  
PG&E wields 'pervasive' influence at PUC

What's being described as the 'pervasive' influence of PG&E with the state Public Utilities Commission extended well beyond controversial former PUC President Michael Peevey and involved numerous officials at the agency, according to a sampling of 65,000 emails that also revealed that PUC and PG&E officials joked about gas pipeline safety, just weeks after a fatal natural gas blast in San Bruno. 
(jay solmonson, staff, 12/12/99 herald news)
Super Bowl: Charles Haley, Tim Brown make Hall of Fame

Former 49ers linebacker Charles Haley and ex-Raiders receiver Tim Brown join linebacker Junior Seau, running back Jerome Bettis and guard Will Shields in the newest Pro Football Hall of Fame class. 
(Dan Honda)
Bay Area techies take to the skies

Whether it's Intel using its fleet of corporate jets to essentially run a private regional airline, or the retired Apple big shot getting his pilot's license so he can zip back from his San Luis Obispo home to have lunch in Cupertino, or the San Francisco twenty-something learning to fly because it's a 'beautiful hobby'' that lets him 'defy physics,' the techies are spreading their wings.