Talk Back: "The Interview"
Do you support Sony's decision to premier "The Interview"?

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( Karl Mondon )
Autistic adults find more hiring in skilled jobs

Earlier this year SAP hired a group of employees with autism at the company's Palo Alto office under its groundbreaking Autism at Work program. Impressed with the success of the pilot, the company is planning to hire more autistic employees in 2015 for placement at other Bay Area offices in Dublin, South San Francisco and possibly Sunnyvale. 
Antioch feral cat feeding ban proves futile

Residents continue to feed ferals, animal services admits it isn't enforcing the ban, and animal assistance groups in town have called for it to be rescinded.  
( Zainab Khan )
Mosque provides rare hub for East Bay Muslims

The last thing you'd expect to see opposite Jerry's Cocktail Lounge in Richmond is a Muslim place of worship, let alone a full-fledged Islamic school, yet every Sunday, more than 150 parents, students, elders, and teachers flock to Richmond's Masjid Al-Rahman from as far as Albany and Emeryville.  
( Ezra Shaw )
Steward: Frank Gore deserves everything

Spanning the sports globe from the San Francisco 49ers and Jim Harbaugh to the Oakland Raiders and Reggie McKenzie, and beyond the NFL
( Patrick Tehan )
Women waiting in the wings for Tesla's Model X

When Tesla Motors' long-delayed Model X -- designed to blend the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan -- starts deliveries to customers in late 2015, Tesla will gain entry to two growing and critical markets in the auto industry: female car buyers and SUVs.