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  • Warriors hold off Thunder - 12/18/2014 11:49 PM PST
  • Sharks rally to beat Oilers 4-3 - 12/18/2014 11:49 PM PST
    Talk Back: U.S. and Cuba
    Do you approve of President Barack Obama's efforts to normalize relations with Cuba?

    (Tell us why or why not?)
    (Contra Costa College Advocate)
    Flare-up at Chevron refinery `normal'

    Chevron officials said that a flare that could be seen for miles Thursday night was not a cause for alarm, but a county supervisor called it "not a normal flaring event." 
    (Gary Reyes, Bay Area News Group)
    Forecast: Wet conditions for next three months?

    On Thursday, federal scientists issued a seasonal forecast that said there is a 75 percent probability of average or above-average precipitation between January and the end of March for California -- the first time in five years that such a wet outlook has been predicted for the state for the first three months of the year. 
    ( Nate Gartrell/Staff )
    Kitten finally rescued from storm drain

    Neighbors and city staff made multiple attempts to rescue the cat, to no avail. Volunteers successfully pulled out the animal Thursday night. 
    ( Liz Margerum/RGJ )
    Seeno sues exotic animal hunting ranch

    A $75,000 lawsuit filed in Nebraska federal court by the developer accuses the hunting ranch of backing out of a contract to let him and his son shoot big-horn sheep for $60,000. 
    Bay Area public defenders rally for Black Lives Matter

    Bay Area public defenders rallied at county courthouses on Thursday in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and a nationwide call for accountability in cases of police brutality. 
    ( Doug Duran )
    Warriors hold off Thunder

    Stephen Curry's 11 fourth-quarter points lift Golden State Warriors to 114-109 win over Oklahoma City 
    ( Laura A. Oda )
    FedEx, UPS set for busiest holiday season ever

    The next week is a 24/7, backbreaking, sleep-deprived haul for couriers such as FedEx, the United Parcel Service and the U.S. Postal Service, the last connections between shoppers and their much-anticipated gifts -- and there is no room for mistakes.