Talk Back: Executive action
Do you support President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration?

(Tell us why or why not?)
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California beach cleanup participation up after three-year slide

Coastal Cleanup annual volunteers picked up 1.1 million pounds of trash Sept. 20, officials report. 
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Drugging our kids: The Big Pharma alliance

The doctors get rewarded. The drug companies get rich. And California's foster children get more meds. Part 3 of the Bay Area News Group investigation into the prescribing of psychiatric drugs, many untested on kids, to this captive and fragile audience of patients.  
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Roadshow: Road to the future is a sea of brake lights

What the future may look like on the roads of Santa Clara County. 
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Stylish 1958 Imperial was considered "America's finest car"

In 1958, Tom McCahill, famous automotive writer for Mechanix Illustrated, said the 1958 Imperial was "America's finest car." The year before, when the Imperial "Forward Look" was introduced, Motor Life magazine wrote, "The most beautiful car of the year was the title many people felt the new 


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Wolverton: Tech gifts for the geek who already has everything

These days, your loved ones probably have smartphones, big-screen TVs and laptops, and probably a tablet and a video game console or two. So what do you get your geeks if they have all that? Well, in my book, it’s time to focus on accessories — or on completely unrelated gadgets. 
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Sunday's TV picks: Taylor Swift, One Direction highlight American Music Awards

Plus, Garth Brooks, Seth Meyers and Jerry Seinfeld will honor Jay Leno, as he receives the Mark Twain Prize.