Talk Back: Affordable Care Act
Do you think the Supreme Court made the right decision on the Affordable Care Act?

(Tell us why or why not?)
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Ruling could revive California death penalty

U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding lethal injection in Oklahoma paves the way for California to establish new execution method, possibly resuming executions after long hiatus 
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Heat turns up to broiling by midweek

The weekend was veddy nice, but in a few days comes a broiler 
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Mandatory vaccine bill goes to governor

SACRAMENTO -- In what was essentially a clean-up vote for the California state Senate, the majority again voted Monday to pass Senate Bill 277, incendiary legislation that would require almost all schoolchildren to be fully vaccinated in order to attend public or private school, regardless of their 
Grateful Dead concert: Bad trip turns magical

The grumbling in the parking lot as fans tried to unload extra tickets eventually gave way to the magic of the moment, the first chance in five years to see the reunited 'Core Four' members of the Grateful Dead and, if they are to be believed, the last time they will ever take the stage together. 
USGS' South Bay 'Rock warehouse' finally gets organized

Hidden behind drab doors in a valley that celebrates all that is new, bright and beautiful is a scientific treasure: proof of what the Earth is made of, how it became what it is -- and where it might be going. The U.S. Geological Survey's cavernous "rock warehouse" is beloved by scientists but unknown to the rest of us.  
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Marreese Speights guessed right -- he'll be back with Warriors

Golden State Warriors exercise $3.8 million team option on valuable big man Marreese Speights, who led bench scoring in 31 games during regular season. 
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Supreme Court declines to hear Google-Oracle feud

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to jump into the huge copyright battle between Google and Oracle, steering clear of what many legal experts considered a chance to further define the legal boundaries of software protection.