Talk Back: "The Interview"
Do you support Sony's decision to premier "The Interview"?

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The top 10 Bay Area news stories of 2014

If a single theme characterized Bay Area news during 2014, it might be contradiction.As the local economy caught fire, we saw stark evidence that its benefits eluded many. 
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California's new laws on January 1

SACRAMENTO -- California's historic drought prompted the Legislature into action in 2014, leading lawmakers to regulate groundwater for the first time and override homeowners associations that fine members for replacing lawns with more drought-tolerant landscaping. 
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Kawakami: 49ers will regret this

Former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh shines brightly as ever on his way out of San Francisco. 
New Year's Eve cold snap to greet 2015

Outdoor revelers celebrating New Year's Eve on Wednesday night might want to make sure they have gloves, hats and scarves available. Cold times will greet the arrival of 2015. 
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Purdy: Harbaugh-49ers breakup could have been much more messy

Coach Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers make a clean break, leaving Harbaugh free to become Michigan's next coach
Yahoo prodigy ponders future

Nick D'Aloisio was 15 years old when he created what would become the popular iPhone app Summly from his London home, 17 when Yahoo spent $30 million to buy the news summarization technology, and 18 when he transformed his concept into Yahoo News Digest.