Talk Back: Freddie Gray
Do you think Baltimore authorities are right to treat Freddie Gray's death as a homicide?

(Tell us why or why not?)
Pittsburg Police investigate shooting that left two dead

Two people were shot and killed during a possible interrupted burglary attempt Friday night at a home that was the subject of a home-invasion robbery attempt earlier this week, police said. 
Bay Point: Driver backs into crowd

The driver of a truck backed into a crowd of people in a Bay Point parking lot early Saturday, injuring at least nine people, including one who later died at a hospital, authorities said.  
Hundreds turn out to support family of boy killed

After the tragic stabbing death of their son last weekend, the family of 9-year-old baseball player Jordon Almgren is trying to replace sadness with joy while celebrating his memory. 
( José Carlos Fajardo )
How rabid Warriors fan loyalty developed

How did Snoracle become Roaracle? How did 8,000 empty seats become a waiting list for season tickets that runs 10,000 deep? 
Oakland: Peaceful May Day protests give way to evening mayhem

After a day of peaceful May Day protests, with hundreds of people gathering at rallies across the Bay Area, a Friday evening march in Oakland saw multiple demonstrators smashing multiple vehicles and setting at least one car on fire at several dealerships on Oakland's Auto Row. 
Mountain View to 'play Solomon' with Google, LinkedIn expansion plans

Google's proposal for a canopied tech campus for 10,000 workers could be cut by as much as 70 percent, while a proposal by LinkedIn could be built in its entirety, according to a recommendation by Mountain View planners.