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    Talk Back: Executive action
    Do you support President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration?

    (Tell us why or why not?)
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    Drugging our kids: The Big Pharma alliance

    The doctors get rewarded. The drug companies get rich. And California's foster children get more meds. Part 3 of the Bay Area News Group investigation into the prescribing of psychiatric drugs, many untested on kids, to this captive and fragile audience of patients.  
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    Richmond's vacant council seat could prove pivotal

    With the triumph of Tom Butt as mayor and the full slate of three "Team Richmond" progressive candidates in the Nov. 4 election, the question of where real power resides in the new Richmond City Council could come down to the decision of whom to appoint to the pivotal council seat vacated by Butt's ascent. 
    49ers' Kaepernick, Washington's RG3 on different career paths

    Jim Harbaugh always backs Colin Kaepernick publicly, but Jay Gruden called out his quarterback, Robert Griffin III, last week 
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    Prop. 187: 20 years later, immigration attitudes vastly different

    The hard-nosed feelings Californians harbored toward illegal immigrants just 20 years ago have softened a great deal; today a plurality backs President Obama taking executive action to protect millions from deportation. 
    Monterey Bay researchers capture rare deep-sea anglerfish on video for first time

    The black seadevil is named for its baleful ugliness. With that vicious gape, the females can eat fish of a larger size. To lure her prey, she jerks the luminescent orb dangling from the 'fishing rod' on her forehead. 


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    Silicon Valley's high-tech firms battle for low-tech ad space — billboards

    Some of the most expensive property in Silicon Valley these days is about 14 feet high, 50 feet wide and overlooking the highway. Billboard sales around the region are undergoing a renaissance, as the old-school advertising format benefits from the technology froth, with companies jockeying for their piece of skyline fame and attention. 
    Hillary in full color(-ing book)

    Plus, 12/13/14 is a date to remember; and the pefect gift -- a $77K gingerbread house, but you can't live in it.