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    Report: Chryst promoted to fill 49ers offensive coordinator spot

    01/28/2015 04:59 PM PST
    Geep Chryst s days as an under-the-radar 49ers assistant are ending. Chryst is being promoted from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, two sources told the NFL Network on Wednesday. 

    49ers at Candlestick
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    Paul McCartney sets Aug. 14 Candlestick show

    04/24/2014 01:10 PM PDT
    The former Beatle announces he will perform the final concert at the venue that marked the Beatles’ final ticketed concert.  
    Women's purses: Readers divulge the craziest thing they're carrying around

    We asked readers to tell us about the craziest thing they have stashed in the handbag. You think you're carting around something wild or funny? Read on. 
    (Terry Renna)
    Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman, will document process with reality TV show

    The Olympic gold medal winner and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star will document his transformation on a new reality show, reports say.