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Quinn: John Doerr and Ellen Pao: The mentor and the protege on the stand

John Doerr, the legendary venture capitalist, tried to help his protege Ellen Pao, but it may not have been enough.  
Tech giants and developers have submitted plans for millions of square feet on the north side of Mountain View that could accommodate 30,000 workers, including a Google plan for enough space to contain 10,000 workers, and proposals for other projects by builders that include Peery Arrillaga and Sobrato Organization, according to documents made available Monday by city officials.  
Wolverton: Lyve promises to solve photo storage issues

Cupertino startup Lyve’s devices and software collect and back up your pictures, but the service has some shortcomings. 
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Giant ships in West Coast ports' future

West Coast ports are scrambling to deal with the “mega-ship” — behemoths capable of carrying 19,000 containers and as long as the Empire State Building without its antenna. Billions of dollars are being spent reconfiguring ports to handle the monsters. 
Wearable tech goes to the dogs

We have a 10-year-old Beagle named Lucy test-drive some of the latest innovations from the world of wearable tech for dogs 

People on the Move

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03/02/2015 07:20 PM PST - The Nasdaq at 5,000 may evoke memories of the dot-com mania and the sharp economic downturn that followed, but it's a different world now.  
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03/02/2015 05:45 PM PST - With construction set to begin Friday at San Jose City Hall, officials revealed that the total cost of the project is now pegged at $18.2 million -- triple the original estimate.  
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A feral cat who came to stay

Reader recounts her experience with a stray cat that showed up and made herself at home 13 years ago. Advice from an expert has helped her keep the cat healthy all these years.