Google unveils secret drone project

Google said Thursday that it's working on building unmanned flying drones to deliver packages and supplies. 
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For its highly anticipated new-product unveiling this fall, Apple is going back to where it all began. The company sent out a terse invitation Thursday for an event Sept. 9 at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, where Apple's original Mac was unveiled 30 years ago and where an enormous top-secret, three-story structure is now being built.  
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Wolverton: Taking a fresh look at 4K TVs

With prices for 4K TVs dropping and more models on store shelves, is it a good time to replace your set to a new ultra-high definition one? 
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New California law allows dogs to dine on restaurant patios

Gov. Jerry Brown -- owner of Sutter, California's 'first dog' and an adorable Welsh corgi to boot -- has signed into law a bill making it perfectly legal to bring your dog out to dinner with you. 
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Wage gap grows between support staff at tech campuses and high-tech employees

Amid the affluence of Silicon Valley's highly paid technology employees, an 'invisible workforce' of low-paid support staff at the region's tech companies has emerged, making one-fifth the wages of the digital workers, according to a report released Tuesday. 
08/28/2014 11:47 PM PDT - Zipcar and Palo Alto have partnered to expand car sharing in the downtown area with the addition of 10 new vehicles at four lots owned by the city.  
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08/28/2014 07:41 PM PDT - A theft early Wednesday morning came at the same substation that in April 2013 suffered a sniper attack that knocked out 17 giant transformers which help supply power to Silicon Valley.
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    Inbox filled with kitty litter-box tips

    Readers offer their suggestions on making the litter box more attractive to cats.