Pleasanton: A competition of inclusion

Special Olympics basketball matches bring together students of all abilities. 
Attendance at the series has grown from a typical 20 people to 125.  
Former "American Idol" contestant Maddie Hudson takes on the issue of bullying.  
Many people claim to have a book inside of them just waiting to come out. And while some aspire to write, few actually follow through on their dream. However, Diablo resident Ellie Alanko, or Ellen Whitfield, as she's known to family and friends, turned her vision of becoming a published author  
Persimmon Place will feature a Whole Foods and a Starbucks Evenings, which serves tapas, beer and wine at night.  
The menu reflects the well-traveled life of owner Jon Magnusson.  
I was quite the little scientist when I was a kid. I had my own microscope so I could look at germs. I had a chemistry set so I could whip up diabolical concoctions, like slime.  
accomplishmentsLocal student receives Churchill Scholarship: Evan O'Dorney, of Danville, has been awarded the Churchill Scholarship. The scholarship provides funding to American students for a year of master's study in science, engineering, and mathematics at the University of Cambridge.  
I'm always inspired to learn about people who give back to their community. Rebecca Fortelka is just one example of such a person right here in Livermore.  
Each grade will have age-appropriate activities to teach children Internet safety, including the topics of digital footprints, security and cyberbullying.  
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Having the nerve to age and show it

Society sends mixed messages, punishing people for daring to look their age, then mocking them for trying to hold onto their youth. 
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Katie Couric returning to NBC?

New network news chief Andy Lack reportedly has good relationship with former 'Today’ co-host.