• Tow truck driver's life celebrated - 03/05/2015 07:01 PM PST
  • Dec. 21: Ricardo Walff Jr., 23, Antioch - 12/22/2014 06:37 PM PST
  • Dec. 14: Anthony Valdez, 19, Pittsburg - 12/16/2014 04:45 PM PST
    Pleasant Hill: City's first car dealer coming to DVC Plaza shopping center

    05/26/2015 09:45 PM PDT
    Plan to reboot outdated DVC Shopping Center includes car dealership, restaurants, dog park.  
    05/26/2015 09:43 PM PDT - For that past two years, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District has invested in a cultural diversity education expert  
    05/26/2015 09:42 PM PDT - Groundbreaking work expected to be performed at $59 million Solar Energy Research Center.  
    05/26/2015 05:46 PM PDT - BART online town hall June 3 is for the public to ask questions about BART's $1.6 billion budget.  
    05/26/2015 05:34 PM PDT - District will spend up to $11 million for 12,000 acre feet of water  
    Kristopher Skinner/Bay Area News Group
    05/26/2015 09:56 PM PDT - Groundbreaking work expected to be performed at $59 million Solar Energy Research Center.  
    Susan Tripp Pollard/Bay Area News Group
    05/26/2015 09:54 PM PDT - Once a booming city popular for its Delta vistas and affordable homes, Antioch is beset these days by a level of crime, ranging from daylight shootings to storefront drug deals, that has created a pervasive undercurrent of unease and changed the way many residents go about their daily lives.  
    05/26/2015 03:58 PM PDT - Authorities at Grand Canyon National Park say an 82-year-old East Bay man has died after collapsing near the visitor center.  
    Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group
    05/26/2015 10:01 PM PDT - A Livermore man suspected of driving drunk and killing a Seaside mother and daughter was arraigned on murder charges Tuesday in a courtroom packed with the victims' relatives.  
    05/26/2015 03:52 PM PDT - Democrat Ro Khanna of Fremont is about to launch his second challenge to eight-term Congressman Mike Honda to represent a big chunk of Silicon Valley.  
    05/26/2015 10:50 PM PDT - Police responded to a special-needs school in Antioch after a false bomb threat forced evacuation of the campus Tuesday.  
    05/26/2015 01:39 PM PDT - Speakers from the UC Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Employment and San Francisco community organization Evolve will be featured at the program at 6:30 p.m. May 26 at Zion Presbyterian Church, 545 Ashbury Ave. in El Cerrito.  
    Dan Coyro
    05/26/2015 01:37 PM PDT - On wooden table in Jeff Grubb's home in Santa Cruz is a dented and dinged metal canteen. Though it feels heavy compared to modern water bottles, the relic carries an emotional weight. Grubb and his three brothers received the canteen as a gift from the Vietnamese soldiers who shot down their father's plane during the Vietnam war. The soldiers offered water from the canteen to the U.S. Air Force reconnaissance pilot hours after he was captured and days before he reportedly died as a prisoner of war.  
    05/26/2015 01:36 PM PDT - To afford a one-bedroom unit in Marin County, someone earning the California minimum wage of $9 per hour would have to work 140 hours per week, according to a report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition  
    05/26/2015 01:35 PM PDT - When it comes to living quarters, tiny houses sound cute. Tiny cars do not. Rabb Sabin is one of what officials estimate to be more than 800 people living in their vehicles in Santa Cruz, and he wants to stand up and be recognized.  
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  • ( Randy McMullen )
    Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield reunited?

    'The Amazing Spider-Man' co-stars have been spotted together around L.A. amid reports their romance is back on.