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Fallout Shelter Best Layout 2022. What is the best layout for fallout shelter? Prepper is about to be prepared.

Fallout shelter base layout
Fallout shelter base layout from 2016risksummit.org

The best defense is to guide the enemy through the rooms containing the dwellers with the highest str and end which means your power rooms have. I've also seen the suggestion that 2. If you want to utilize your vault's space effectively, build your top floor all the way to the edge, and add an elevator at the end.

Fallout shelter base layout

Phy attacks, aoe damage, recovers hp; Strength will keep your damage up, while perception will reveal more goodies to your dweller. Production rooms have higher tiers for example the power generator room that you have available early on is eventually replaced by the nuclear reactor. The space to the left of the elevator can only accommodate space for two merged rooms.