Many snags ahead for California water bills

Drought package may take time to clear hurdles 
Associated Press
PG&E on Monday filed a proposal that urges state regulators to undertake wide-ranging changes in the solar electricity system in central and Northern California.  
The mother of a slain 8-year-old California girl said she doesn't fault the mom of the 15-year-old neighbor boy accused of the killing.  
An investigation concluded the deaths of two men who jumped from a cliff in Yosemite were accidental, but despite the video and photos of the jump, officials consider the specific reason why they died a mystery.  
Frankie Frost
A Novato woman was slain at her residence early Monday, apparently by a family member who took her own life hours later in San Francisco.  
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Drought means hidden dangers for pets

The dry hills and neglected yards are full of foxtails, nasty little weeds that can do serious and even fatal harm to our pets.