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Teen survey: Marijuana use is down, but e-cigs are popular

A national study shows that marijuana use among teens declined from 26 percent in 2013 to 24 percent this year. However, the survey funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse also found that more teens used e-cigarettes than any other tobacco products in 2014. 
Top Obama administration lawyer Leondra Kruger breezes to confirmation to California Supreme Court, cementing Gov. Jerry Brown's youthful makeover of state's high court  
A natural coast rhythm around the winter solstice is bringing the year's highest tides to California shores.  
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The parks director of a Pennsylvania township who helped subdue a gunman charged with killing three people at a municipal meeting last year is among 19 people being honored with medals and cash from the Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Heroes Fund Commission.  
A billboard showing Santa Claus carrying an automatic rifle is drawing controversy in a Northern California town.  
New Year's Eve: 12 great sparkling wines under $30

Ready for that New Year's Eve bash? These California sparkling wines are dazzling enough to impress, but with price tags in the $14 to $29 range, they won't punish your pocketbook.