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    Torlakson, Tuck react to latest superintendent of public instruction poll results; still big block of undecided voters

    Race for state public schools leader still largely off radar, with field poll showing incumbent Torlakson and challenger Tuck tied with 28 percent of likely voters favoring each candidate and 44 percent still undecided. 
    California's public health department has failed to adequately manage investigations of nursing homes statewide, resulting in a backlog of more than 11,000 complaints -- many involving a serious safety risk to patients, according to an audit released Thursday.  
    Following an onslaught of negative advertising, two once-popular ballot measures will most likely go down in flames on Election Day, a new Field Poll shows.  
    UC Berkeley rejects student group decision to rescind Bill Maher's invitation to speak at the December commencement. Some students say that endorses hate speech. Maher says he'll talk about it on his show Oct. 31.  
    Fearful that the nation s hospitals have not done enough to protect against Ebola, the National Nurses Union will hold a National Day of Action on Nov. 12 that will include strikes at 21 Kaiser facilities in Northern California  
    Halloween: The 10 sexiest horror films

    From thrillers like 'Notorious' to action-horror classics like 'Resident Evil,' here are 10 scary movies that will get your pulse racing in more ways than one.