California's budget surplus soars to new heights; schools to benefit.

In the clearest sign yet that the Great California Recovery is proceeding on pace, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins announced Tuesday that the state budget surplus could be as much as $8 billion higher than estimated just four months ago.  
Rock dam across West False River begins after state gets enviromental permits  
The San Jose City Council on Tuesday appeals a judge's recent decision finding a land deal between the city and the Oakland A's violated local laws requiring a vote.  
Marilyn Hartman, the serial stowaway who made headlines repeatedly attempting to sneak into Bay Area airports or on planes over the past year, has done it again -- this time in Chicago, police said.  
Oakland federal judge weighs Obama administration's bid to toss Twitter's free speech case challenging government secrecy in national security investigations  
( Jackie Burrell )
Taste-Off: The best flavored coffee pods -- and the undrinkable

Coconut fudge and buttery toffee wreak havoc on waistlines, but when those flavores are infused into no-calorie coffee, that's a win-win. Here's the scoop on the best flavored coffee pods and the worst.