SAN RAFAEL, Calif.—A Marin County man has failed to convince a judge to toss out a ticket for driving alone in the carpool lane despite his claims the incorporation papers riding along with him qualified as a person.

Jonathan Frieman was issued a ticket in October for driving alone in the carpool lane during restricted hours.

The San Francisco Chronicle ( reports that the officer wasn't convinced when Frieman claimed the incorporation papers were the same as having a person next to him.

During a hearing in Marin County Superior Court on Monday, the attorney for the 56-year-old Frieman, pointed to a section of the California vehicle code which says the definition of a person includes "natural persons and corporations."

But the judge found Frieman guilty of the carpool violation, noting the code also says the intent of carpool lanes is to reduce traffic congestion.

Frieman says he will appeal.

Information from: San Francisco Chronicle,