UNION CITY -- A woman who bought her winning $1.4 million Powerball lottery ticket at a local liquor store told officials she would like to remain low-key about her future plans.

Lottery officials said Monday that last month, Cheryle Silveira met with them to verify her ticket from the lottery's Jan. 6 drawing, one week before the record-breaking $1.6 billion jackpot split by three winners in Chino Hills, Florida and Tennessee.

Silveira's numbers matched 47-2-63-62-11, but she chose 22 instead of that ticket's Powerball number of 17. Instead of winning $528 million, she will settle for what lottery officials said she told them wasn't a bad consolation prize of $1,414,967.

Perry's Liquor, at 31885 Alvarado Blvd. in Union City, wins a $7,705 retailer bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Ankit Vora, owner of Perry's since 2010, said Monday that the win extends his store's three-year "lucky retailer" streak, which means selling an average of 400 winning tickets per week and with an average of $4,000 per week in winning tickets over the course of a year.

"Last time the store won, we sold more than 54,000 tickets in one day," Vora said.

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