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Concord's Blue Devils win drum corps championship for 16th time

Blue Devils take title for 16th time; 'B' corps also wins its division 
Tracy Bennett
Dissecting the De La Salle movie, from the 'yes, that really happened' to nitpicky fabrications.  
A 30-year-old Pleasant Hill man was arrested after allegedly trying to burglarize homes in Concord's Dana Farms neighborhood early this morning, a police lieutenant said.  
Danville police are investigating a rowdy house party and fight early Sunday -- with one of the party attendees, a 20-year-old Concord man, discovered dead a day later.  
Ventje Cornelis Singkoh, 69, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to felony child molestation charges in light of allegations he had inappropriate contact with a 9-year-old member of his congregation.  
Drive-through would be third in Concord, ninth location in city  
Geller maintains policy could limit developer interest  
50-year-old's solo climb of Triple Direct route in 17.5 hours  
Tracy Bennett
De La Salle High School football film strong on message, despite some credibility issues  
Dissecting the De La Salle movie, from the "yes, that really happened" to nitpicky fabrications.  
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Olivia Wilde breast-feeding photo sparks new round of the Mommy Wars

The latest celebrity breast-feeding photo, showing actress Olivia Wilde nursing her 5-month-old son, sparks another round of the Mommy Wars over women's parenting and lifestyle choices.