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Karla Penuela, center, instructs a group development session at the Lights On Afterschool 2012 program at El Dorado Middle School in Concord, Calif., on Thursday Oct. 18, 2012. The program keeps students safe, and inspires them to learn and helps working families. (Dan Rosenstrauch/Staff)


Karla Penuela, center above, leads a group development session at Lights On Afterschool 2012 at El Dorado Middle School in Concord, while students, left photo, Richard Ramirez, 11, left, and Jacob Doigny, 12, both of Concord, grill eggplant during a cooking class. Lights On Afterschool 2012 celebrates the afterschool programs that keep students safe, inspire them to learn and help working families. The event is nationwide, and locally, El Dorado participated by highlighting its afterschool programs -- homework club, cooking and nutrition club, art club and salon club. Former students, now ninth-graders at Concord High, come back and help as leaders.