Pittsburg: Resident escapes, but dog dies in house fire

A dog died, but its owner survived after a house caught fire early Tuesday, a fire official said. 
After a referendum led to them ditch their controversial 33 percent raises, Contra Costa County supervisors on Tuesday voted to give themselves 7 percent raises and created a committee to determine how such salary increases should be made in the future.  
Former Contra Costa Fire District captain charged with receiving stolen property, ranging from pencils to chain saws, from firehouses  
Marin residents are ever vigilant about reporting wood smoke on days when the practice is prohibited, air quality officials said Monday.  
Ads on public transit have the American Lung Association answering daily calls for stronger smokefree housing laws, lung association officials said.  
Shooter sentenced to 10 years, accomplices receive six years each in keeping with a plea agreement with prosecutors; victim was shot while driving near Hilltop Mall, died soon after  
The gas leak took place near Sycamore and San Pablo avenues about 8:35 a.m. and was reportedly caused by a digging third-party contractor, according to PG&E and fire officials  
A man killed in a shooting that also wounded two others was identified Tuesday as 20-year-old Keven Hall, of Richmond, authorities said.  
Assemblyman Tony Thurmond, D-Richmond, a former social worker, said he introduced the legislation because chomping on a wad of crud that can cause cancer and, besides, looks gross is bad role-modeling for ball-playing kids.  
Thanks to February rain, state expects to be more generous with water this year compared with 2014.  
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Maggie Smith is not leaving 'Downton Abbey'

Comments made by the actress were misinterpreted, leading to reports that the Dowager Countess of Grantham would meet her maker in Season 6.