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  • Roadshow: Gas contest deadline nears - 08/28/2015 08:24 PM PDT
    Bay Area vineyards withstanding impacts of drought, for now

    With harvest underway, Bay Area vineyards expect small but high-quality crop this season. Another year of drought, however, could mean major problems for winegrowers and winemakers from Napa Valley and Livermore to Santa Clara Valley and Contra Costa 
    Walnut Creek s looming budget deficit has the City Council considering revenue measures.  
    The Aug. 2 fire prompted Contra Costa County's incident warning system to issue an alert that hazardous materials personnel were responding, but the Crockett Improvement Association says residents were not warned and that no warning siren was heard; the association has called a community for Sept. 8.  
    Cherice Gilliam, the first African-American woman to lead the regional unit for California, Hawaii and Nevada, aims to build membership among younger age groups.  
    Concord neighbors on the 1500 block of Amhurst Way and surrounding areas have started a petition to protest the placement of sexually violent predator Fraisure Smith into a rental home there.  
    A man who died in a motorcycle crash and another found dead at a regional park each were identified by the Contra Costa County Coroner's Office on Monday.  
    Caltrans, two other state agencies offer up to $25,000 in three separate contests seeking residents' ideas for improvements. One contest is for coders.  
    Heidi de Marco/Kaiser Health New
    California regulators have tried harder than most to make mental health parity laws work, but it's been tough to enforce the rules and gain the cooperation of insurers.  
    Elaine Thompson
    After passing the Senate by a wide margin in June, the bills face a much tougher test in the Assembly, which is expected to take them up as early as this week. Some moderate Democrats, charging "coastal elitism," say the bill will harm the middle-class families they represent in the Central Valley and others are trying to shake down legislative leaders for handouts that benefit their districts.  
    Large, popular state-funded Antioch preschool was unable to find new accommodations after its lease expired last month.  
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    VMAs: Nicki Minaj fires back at Miley Cyrus

    After winning award for 'Anaconda,” Minaj challenges Cyrus, who responds by seemingly blaming the media for feud.