PITTSBURG -- The Pittsburg Unified School District formally accepted a $100,000 grant this week that will help it expand a program to have more food used in school lunches come from local growers.

The United States Department of Agriculture grant for the district's Farm to School program will be used to create a "food hub," which will allow the district to buy fruits and vegetables directly from local growers instead of going through a distributor to buy produce. The hub would also make it possible for locally grown fruits and vegetables to be distributed to other school districts in Contra Costa.

The grant will also be used to establish school gardens at Pitttsburg Unified schools that will be tended by students to grow produce that will be harvested to serve in the salad bars put out for school lunches.

The grant was one of only two given out to Bay Area schools in November. Oakland Unified got a $100,000 grant for projects that include a new lunch program that highlights California-grown produce and grains.

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