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    Setting the Record Straight
    08/19/2014 - A story in Tuesday's Local News section on food aid incorrectly stated the number of people that the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano counties serves. The food bank serves 188,000 people.  

    Correction: Pay-in-advance restaurant fees
    08/19/2014 - A story in the Business section Monday about a pay-in-advance restaurant reservation system incorrectly reported what participating restaurants pay Nick Kokonas, who created the concept. It is $695 a month. They also pay a monthly web-hosting fee that varies by restaurant, which Kokonas passes on to Amazon Web Services. 

    Correction: Incorrect cost for ambulance
    08/15/2014 - Highlighted figures in Tuesday's Local News section accompanying a story on paramedics incorrectly said an ambulance ride costs $7,603 to $9,895. That is the cost for a trip to the emergency room including ambulance and hospital care. 

    Correction: Startup Collective Health hopes to sell health insurance
    08/12/2014 - Due to inaccurate information from the company, a story in Tuesday's Business section incorrectly reported that Collective Health, a San Mateo startup, had sold health insurance to five companies. The company is in various stages of talks with those companies and has not yet made sales to all of them.
    In addition, the company changed its name from one word -- CollectiveHealth -- to two for its public launch on Tuesday, after the article appeared. 

    Correction: RiskIQ official's name misspelled
    08/11/2014 - A story on Wednesday's front page about a massive data breach caused by a Russian gang incorrectly spelled the name of the head of research for San Francisco security firm RiskIQ. He is James Pleger.  

    Correction: Misspelled name of executive
    08/07/2014 - An item in the People on the Move column on July 27 misspelled the name of a newly appointed partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. His name is Graham Poles. 

    Correction: Blackhawk Network IPO
    08/01/2014 - A story on Tuesday's front page about Blackhawk Network President Talbott Roche incorrectly stated the month of the company's initial public offering. The IPO occurred in April 2013.  

    Correction: Editor's name misspelled
    08/01/2014 - A story on Friday's front page misspelled the name of Paul Kapustka, the editor-in-chief of Mobile Sports Report. 

    Correction: Leland Yee's name misspelled
    07/29/2014 - A headline on a front-page story Saturday misspelled the last name of suspended state Sen. Leland Yee. 

    Correction: Incorrect role at Workers' Rights Clinic
    07/29/2014 - A story about a class-action lawsuit against Apple in Thursday's Business section incorrectly reported Ruth Silver Taube's role with the Workers' Rights Clinic at the Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center at the Santa Clara University School of Law. 

    Correction: Wrong day for toy show
    07/29/2014 - An antiques column in the Home Design section July 12 reported the wrong day for the Western Hero Toy Roundup collectibles show. 

    Correction: Organizer's background misstated
    07/29/2014 - A story that appeared in Saturday's Local section about police and CHP officers helping needy children shop for school supplies did not accurately describer the former job of one of the organizers. 

    Setting the Record Straight
    07/16/2014 - Due to an editor's error, a headline on a story Tuesday in the Local News section about a measure to divide California into six states misstated its status. The measure has not qualified for the ballot. If enough legitimate signatures have been gathered, the measure likely will appear on the ballot in 2016, not this November.  

    Setting the Record Straight
    07/15/2014 - In a story on July 12 about Amazon seeking permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly drones, The Associated Press misstated the year that Congress gave the FAA a deadline for granting drones access to U.S. skies. Congress set the September 2015 deadline in 2012, not last year.

    Correction: Medical marijuana law
    07/15/2014 - A headline and caption on Tuesday for a photo in the Local News section incorrectly reported that medical marijuana purveyors in San Jose face closure Friday, when recently approved city regulations take effect. Most marijuana businesses will have 12 months starting Friday to comply with the new city marijuana rules, which limit them to select industrial areas where few are now located and impose new regulations many claim they cannot meet. 

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