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    Correction: Errors in SV150 Special Report
    04/21/2015 - Because of an error in data provided by Bloomberg News, the number of employees at Nvidia in the Top 10 Lists on Page E7 of Sunday's SV150 Special Report was incorrect, and as a result the company should not have appeared on those lists. The company has 9,228 employees, a gain of 420 or about 5 percent from the year before. As a result of that error, the company's sales per employee figure was also incorrectly listed as $703,140, when it was actually $507,315, a gain of $38,405, or 8 percent.

    04/20/2015 - A front-page story on April 13 about how to save water incorrectly reported how much is used by running 20 sprinklers for 10 minutes. 

    Correction: Fees for Downtown College Preparatory
    04/14/2015 - A story on the front page on April 8 about charter schools and their search for campuses incorrectly reported some details of how much Downtown College Preparatory High School pays now and could pay in the future to San Jose Unified. DCP currently pays the district $68,000 and could face a lease for the 2015-16 school year of $439,000. That lease would be based on $8.51 per square foot for maintenance plus $19.44 per square foot assessed on 60 percent of DCP's leased area, which is a charge based on the proportion of DCP'S non-San Jose Unified students. 

    Correction: District 4 candidate name
    04/08/2015 - An article in Wednesday's main news section incorrectly reported the first name of the leading candidate in San Jose's District 4 election, Tim Orozco 

    Correction: Incorrect title for Mark Hawkins of Salesforce.com
    04/06/2015 - An item in the On the Move column in the Sunday Business section gave the incorrect title for Mark Hawkins. He is chief financial officer and executive vice president of Salesforce.com.

    Correction: Medical board puts Sunnyvale doctor on probation after allegations of fraud, sexual misconduct
    03/31/2015 - A story in Monday's Local News section did not clearly characterize the process that led the Medical Board of California to put Dr. 

    Correction: Facebook official's name misspelled
    03/30/2015 - The Tech Files column that ran on Monday's front page misspelled the last name of the chief scientist at Facebook's Oculus unit. It's spelled Abrash.  

    Setting the Record Straight
    03/20/2015 - A story on the front page Wednesday about math instruction misstated standardized test scores of a charter school. At KIPP Bay Area schools last school year, 79 percent of Bay Area middle schoolers made “typical growth” in math, compared with 50 percent of middle schoolers nationally. At Unity High in Oakland in 2013, students scored in the 99th percentile in Algebra I and the 84th percentile in general math.

    Correction: Twitter's donation to Mid-Market
    03/19/2015 - A story that appeared on the front page on Feb. 21 about tech companies contributing to the Mid-Market neighborhood incorrectly reported the amount of money Twitter donated. Twitter gave more than $360,000 to local nonprofits.  

    Setting the Record Straight
    03/15/2015 - A story in the Local News section Sunday incorrectly reported the details of the landmark federal Civil Rights Act. 

    Correction: Named of Costco customer in photo caption
    03/13/2015 - A photo caption on the front page of Thursday's Local section misidentified a customer greeted by Costco employee Arlie Smith at the Danville store. 

    Correction: Meeting with Steve Young
    03/09/2015 - n An item in Sal Pizarro's column on March 3 incorrectly reported the circumstances of the hiring of Via Services client Samuel Hinojosa. Hinojosa was employed by Centerplate and worked part-time at Levi's Stadium before meeting former 49ers quarterback Steve Young, who was not responsible for his hiring. 

    Setting the Record Straight
    03/06/2015 - Due to a reporting error, a photo caption for a story about housing prices on the front page Friday should have said the Starbucks is located in Walnut Creek. 

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    (Courtesy of Bijou)
    New chef at Hayward's Bijou; Bay Area food fundraisers

    It's a homecoming for Rodrigo CedeƱo , who has returned to his native Hayward to take over the role of executive chef at downtown's Bijou Restaurant & Bar. And chefs throughout the Bay Area are cooking for causes, including the Dining Out for Life AIDS fundraiser.