Contra Costa County counts homeless population

The county takes to the streets, under highway overpasses and shelters, on Wednesday to embark on its biannual count of the homeless which runs through Friday, Jan. 30  
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BART plans to ban e-cigarettes

American Lung Association says a ban on vaping device would protect train riders' health, while vaping group says move goes too far. 
( Reed Saxon )
California calls e-cigarettes a health threat

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California health officials on Wednesday declared electronic cigarettes a health threat that should be strictly regulated like tobacco products, joining other states and health advocates across the U. 
Women's purses: Readers divulge the craziest thing they're carrying around

We asked readers to tell us about the craziest thing they have stashed in the handbag. You think you're carting around something wild or funny? Read on. 
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Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman, will document process with reality TV show

The Olympic gold medal winner and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star will document his transformation on a new reality show, reports say.