60 years ago

Long time no see but law remembers: Lloyd Henry Brooks learned last week that the law has a memory like an elephant. In 1951 he was given a citation in Brentwood for lacking legal equipment on his truck. When he failed to answer the citation, a warrant was issued, which was served last week. He posted $25 bail, which was forfeited for nonappearance. Judge Joe Silva also reported that Joe Garcia of Oakley, found guilty on a 502 complaint, was given the choice of a $150 fine or 75 days in jail. He was unable to pay the fine and was taken to Martinez.

25 years ago

Longtime volunteer has heard whole freezer-full of fish stories: Betty Waugh of Bethel Island has caught a lot of fish stories.

Some she has netted when she owned a mom-and-pop shop here; others have come in with the Stripped Bass Derby. No matter what. No matter. It just comes with the territory -- and being a helper at the weigh-in station, a volunteer post Waugh has worked for. "I do it because I enjoy meeting people," she said.

But there are those times ...

"I can tell you stories of people in their fish," she said of those who would try to balance the scales in their favor. And she can talk about the people weighing the same fish twice a problem solved by clipping the fishes' tales.

I can tell if it is caught in fresh or salt water, she says. " If the skin is green and slimy looking if it was caught in fresh water; if it is red, that means salt water."

To Waugh, it just doesn't make much sense to fib or lie about the fish even if there are healthy prizes: $1,000 for the biggest striper, and unspecified amounts for the biggest fish caught on the last day and for the largest fish caught by someone younger 12.

The weekend derby is simply planned to get the family together, to enjoy the Delta.

-- Brentwood News and Daily Ledger news files