60 years ago

City council wrestles garbage, dirt problems: Dirt and garbage were the two principal subjects mulled over by the Brentwood City Council at last Tuesday night's meeting. The Council was encouraged to learn that the Diablo Disposal Service, whose franchise expires early next year are now inclined to seek a renewal. The Council had earlier been informed that the present collectors were no longer interested, and faced the need of finding somebody else to handle the job. The dirt has been a topic for debate between the council and owners of property along the storm drainage ditch to the north of the city. When the ditch was dug, the city expected that the dirt removed could be used by adjacent property owners for filling in low spots on their land. Later the city asked to remove the surplus dirt. It is expected that some arrangement an be made in the near future.

25 years ago

Businessmen testify as civic responsibility: Two local businessmen considered it their duty to comply with the subpoenas they received in the mail, calling them to testify at Delta Municipal Court. Although they didn't know each other, Pittsburg dentist Ronald Bullard and Antioch car dealership owner Dick Kane appeared in court on the same case, almost a year ago. Both men decided it was important to give their testimony in the name of justice, a rare experience that some people get called to once in their lifetime.

Scott Hall had been arrested selling season tickets to the Oakland A's at a local bowling alley -- tickets that had been in Bullard's car, while it was parked at Kane's dealership. Bullard's car, along with several others, had been burglarized, and someone had broken into a motor home on the lot. When Hall was apprehended for the crimes, neither man hesitated to tell the court what had happened to their property. Bullard said the district attorney told him his testimony was crucial and that, in general, it was difficult to get witnesses.

Similarly, Kane said he was not nervous about testifying. Kane said his was angry about the damage.

-- Brentwood News and Daily Ledger news files