Arrest made in shooting death of Vaca High football player

10/30/2014 09:22 PM PDT
Vacaville police have arrested a suspect in the shooting death of 18-year-old Vacaville High School student Demetrious Ward. 
UCSC professor builds model of low-cost Ebola sensor
10/30/2014 06:34 PM PDT - SANTA CRUZ >> A quick, low-cost test for Ebola may be available within a few years, thanks to UC Santa Cruz researcher Ahmet Ali Yanik. 

Torlakson, Tuck react to latest superintendent of public instruction poll results; still big block of undecided voters
10/31/2014 09:13 AM PDT - Race for state public schools leader still largely off radar, with field poll showing incumbent Torlakson and challenger Tuck tied with 28 percent of likely voters favoring each candidate and 44 percent still undecided. 

San Jose: Middle school student beaten on campus by other students
10/31/2014 12:56 PM PDT - A Herman Middle School student was assaulted Thursday morning by as many as three other students while on campus, according to San Jose police.  

Antioch gym where girl crashed through window had similar accident in 2007
10/31/2014 06:31 AM PDT - Family of recent 10-year-old victim learns than an Antioch High student also crashed through the window in similar incident at Four Stars Academy years earlier. 

Pressure builds for community investment in new UC Richmond campus
10/31/2014 10:41 AM PDT - Haas Institute reports lays out strategies for Richmond residents to benefit from city's largest public investment project since World War II. 

Brentwood Union School District faced with additional abuse claims
10/31/2014 06:28 AM PDT - The Brentwood Union School District released a statement Wednesday informing that community that it has received 15 new claims, by parents and students, alleging physical or emotional abuse by Dina Holder, a special-education teacher.  

Bill Maher at Cal controversy builds
10/30/2014 06:33 PM PDT - UC Berkeley rejects student group decision to rescind Bill Maher's invitation to speak at the December commencement. Some students say that endorses hate speech. Maher says he'll talk about it on his show Oct. 31. 

Charter money controversy in West Contra Costa school board race
10/31/2014 06:25 AM PDT - Influx of campaign funding from California Charter Schools Association Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee and developer who leases space to a charter school has stirred fears among some that charter supporters may want to take over the district. But those making the hefty payments say they have nothing to gain and are merely investing in the campaigns of two challengers, as well as opposing a longtime incumbent, because they care about all kids in the district and are countering huge contributions to other candidates from contractors, architects and labor unions. 

USF to inaugurate its new president, the Rev. Paul J. Fitzgerald
10/30/2014 02:56 PM PDT - The University of San Francisco to inaugurate its new president, the Rev. Paul J. Fitzgerald 

80 percent of Cal recruits must have 3.0 GPA by 2017-18
10/30/2014 02:25 PM PDT - New admissions policy will allow only 20 percent of Cal recruits to be admitted as "exceptions" and each sport must hit the 80-percent criteria.  

New "Body Metrics" exhibit opens at The Tech -- it's all about you
10/30/2014 06:45 AM PDT - In a snapshot, it's an internal selfie. With more advanced technology than anything currently on the market, more data about your physical well-being than a mere fitness wristband, able to sense your moods or mental focus and even suggest when you need a drink of water -- it's "Body Metrics: Exploring the Digital You," the newest permanent exhibit at San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation. And it opens Thursday. 

San Francisco scientists find autism linked to dozens of genetic mutations
10/30/2014 06:30 AM PDT - The mutations -- which may work alone, or in combination -- are all connected by their roles in a few basic molecular pathways. Their discovery could guide new directions in treatment.  

Bill Maher at Cal controversy builds
10/30/2014 07:51 PM PDT - UC Berkeley rejects student group decision to rescind Bill Maher's invitation to speak at the December commencement. Some students say that endorses hate speech. Maher says he'll talk about it on his show Oct. 31. 

Charter school backers spending at least $220,000 on Santa Clara Co. school races
10/30/2014 12:55 PM PDT - Countering the political muscle of teachers and labor unions, statewide charter-school backers are pouring tens of thousands of dollars into low-profile school board races. The majority has benefitted Julia Hover-Smoot, who is seeking a second term on the Santa Clara County Board of Education. She has helped make the county board one of the state s friendliest to charter schools, often by overturning local school districts denial of charter petitions. 

Stanford, Dartmouth sidestep legal action against researchers' election mailers
10/29/2014 04:03 PM PDT - Stanford probing 'election guide' experiment that one Bay Area prof calls 'off-the-charts' questionable, and Montana could still act. 

Are 'playdates' ruining child's play?
10/30/2014 04:52 PM PDT - One mother defends the pleasures of the playdate -- for both children and their parents. 

WWE's Daniel Bryan fires up Santa Clara middle school students
10/29/2014 08:43 AM PDT - Prior to World Series game between San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals, Buchser Middle School students follow WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan in 'Yes, Yes Yes' chant, a rallying cry used by Hunter Pence  

Oakland students' composting worms lost in rocket explosion
10/29/2014 04:18 PM PDT - Rocket bound for the International Space Station blew up a few seconds after launching from Virginia coast on Tuesday. 

Walnut Creek: Q and A with school board candidates
10/29/2014 01:48 PM PDT - Candidates reveal their views on seven important questions 

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