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Milpitas: Stratford School applies to take over closed Heald College site

02/06/2016 11:22 PM PST
Milpitas Planning Commission next week is scheduled to review a request from a private school to occupy a vacant building that formerly housed the now defunct Heald College. 
Why isn't new meningitis vaccine universally recommended?
02/06/2016 10:23 PM PST - Despite the severe health risks of the highly contagious disease, health officials say the public health threat isn't high enough to justify the new MenB vaccine's widespread use.  

Concord High wrestling coach -- who never cut anyone -- gets retirement party
02/07/2016 07:25 AM PST - Five years after he retired, Glen Knecht, the most successful coach in Concord High history, returned to the cafeteria where he coached for two decades Saturday and was greeted by dozens of his former wrestlers. The coach, who recruited misfits and troublemakers to his teams, turned many of their lives around. 

Money troubles force closure of Pittsburg's SEP charter school
02/06/2016 06:24 PM PST - The school, which opened in 2012, never enrolled enough students to generate enough money to sustain itself. The state Department of Education board revoked the school's operating charter in January. 

UCSF neurosurgeons to examine NFL players for concussions at Super Bowl 50
02/05/2016 01:13 PM PST - At Super Bowl 50, Dr. Mitch Berger and Dr. Michael McDermott -- both neurosurgeons at the University of California San Francisco's Medical Center -- will examine athletes for concussions, a type of traumatic brain injury, suffered on the field. 

Richmond officials feel shortchanged by school construction spending
02/05/2016 02:49 PM PST - A key focus of their anger, expressed at a joint meeting with West Contra Costa schools trustees, was the district's decision to continue with the program to replace Pinole Valley High School last summer after the district had halted other replacement and reconstruction plans for other schools in order to formulate a new Facilities Master Plan.  

Walnut Creek police: High school coach had sex with students, exchanged lewd images
02/06/2016 08:41 PM PST - Catherine Handlin, 24, faces two felony charges in connection with purportedly having two sexual encounters with a 17-year-old student inside vehicles parked in Walnut Creek and Clayton.  

San Jose police arrest man suspected of exposing self to high school students
02/05/2016 08:06 AM PST - John Ha, 37, of San Jose, allegedly targeted 14- to 17-year-olds walking alone in the morning. 

Iowa state senator introduces bill prohibiting cooperation with Stanford
02/05/2016 08:05 AM PST - The Stanford band's conduct at the Rose Bowl raised the ire of some Iowa residents, and state Senator Mark Chelgren has introduced a bill that would prohibit "certain future collaboration and cooperation" until Stanford issues a public apology. 

Stanford develops more accurate test for cystic fibrosis
02/06/2016 01:07 PM PST - Stanford University scientists say they've devised a more accurate and comprehensive DNA test to screen newborns for cystic fibrosis, the most common fatal genetic disease in the United States.  

Bennet Omalu doesn't support ban on football
02/05/2016 08:02 AM PST - Bennet Omalu, otherwise known as the concussion doctor, says he doesn't support a ban on football because, 'This is America. You don't ban anything.' 

Thompson: For kids with disabilities, a sports world of their own
02/05/2016 05:31 AM PST - Nonprofit organization CoachArt fills an overlooked void in the health care system. 

Joseph Martin case: Former Mt. Diablo schools attorney Greg Rolen never read critical report until two months ago
02/05/2016 07:41 AM PST - The 2006 internal report investigating molestation allegations against former elementary school teacher Joseph Martin was addressed to then-Mt. Diablo Unified General Counsel Greg Rolen, but he testified Thursday he never read the report until he was deposed less than two months ago. 

Margaret Lavin: LearnStorm is coming to the Bay Area for the Second Year in a Row
02/04/2016 12:26 PM PST - CEO of Khan Academy, Sal Khan, along with its lead funder, Google.org, and the San Francisco 49ers joined more than 400 Bay Area students, teachers and community leaders to celebrate the official launch of LearnStorm, a free and innovative online learning challenge for Bay Area students in grades 

Bay Area school search: Website puts data into parents' hands
02/04/2016 02:29 PM PST - A new website rates every public school, both district-run and charter, in the San Francisco Bay Area, with information sliced and diced various ways. Parents can find out how well children of different ethnicities, gender and socioeconomic backgrounds perform, and how schools compare.  

San Jose Unified drops theater plan
02/04/2016 01:12 PM PST - Instead of building a performing arts center that could cost at least $28 million, the San Jose Unified School District will consider remodeling stages, cafeterias and multipurpose rooms to accommodate performance groups. 

Stanford announces new president: neuroscience pioneer Marc Tessier-Lavigne
02/04/2016 04:45 PM PST - The 56-year-old Tessier-Lavigne has been an outspoken advocate for higher education; he will succeed John L. Hennessy, who announced last June that he will step down this summer after 16 years as president.  

Stanford: A look back at the university's presidents
02/04/2016 11:48 AM PST - STANFORD'S PRESIDENTS1891-1913 David Starr Jordan1913-1915 John Casper Branner1916-1943 Ray Lyman Wilbur*1943-1948 Donald B. Tresidder**1949-1968 J. E. 

Third Santa Clara University student comes down with meningococcal infection
02/04/2016 08:01 PM PST - Two students remained hospitalized and both were listed in fair condition; a third student was discharged. 

Oakland High students bring portable solar power to Kenya
02/04/2016 07:58 AM PST - Two Oakland High students will travel to Kenya to deliver lifesaving solar suitcases that deliver clean energy to schools, orphanages and medical clinics. 

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Review: 'Satchmo' goes behind Louis Armstrong's happy facade

The solo show 'Satchmo' by Terry Teachout depicts jazz legend Louis Armstrong reflecting on his bittersweet life and music; it plays at American Conservatory Theater through Feb. 7