Search intensifies for San Francisco teacher 10 days missing

07/27/2015 12:21 PM PDT
The search is intensifying for a San Francisco teacher who has been been missing for 10 days.  
Search continues for SF high school teacher missing in El Dorado County
07/26/2015 09:52 AM PDT - Edward Cavanaugh hasn't been seen since disappearing July 17 on a dirt biking trip 

UC Berkeley ranked No. 1 public university in U.S.
07/26/2015 11:22 AM PDT - Center for World University Rankings rate the Berkeley campus as the number one public university in the United States; Stanford is number two in the world, behind only Harvard.  

Search underway for missing Bay Area teacher
07/26/2015 07:08 AM PDT - A search is underway for a Bay Area teacher last seen more than a week ago in the Rock Creek area of El Dorado County, according to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office. 

Charter schools: Division in some communities, others begin to embrace the independent campuses
07/26/2015 03:26 PM PDT - As charter schools are spreading in the East Bay and California, school districts and county offices of education are faced with challenges in deciding to approve or deny petitions, figuring out what level of oversight is appropriate, and trying to ensure that all students have access to a quality education. Although the state law allowing charters to operate in California was approved in 1992, charter petitions and renewals continue to be contentious in many communities.  

Oakland Public Library begins toy lending program
07/25/2015 09:14 AM PDT - The Oakland Public Library is now lending toys designed for children up to six years old, library officials said Friday. 

UC Santa Cruz petitioned by students who missed deadline
07/25/2015 07:24 AM PDT - SANTA CRUZ -- Students who failed to meet UC Santa Cruz's admissions deadlines have started an online petition calling for the university to reinstate hundreds of students who had their acceptances canceled. 

SJSU football dismisses another incoming freshman after on-campus incident
07/25/2015 07:23 AM PDT - Coach Ron Caragher kicked former McClymonds star Bomani Bassette-Hairston off the team after an incident earlier this week sent Spartans teammate Chad Miller to the hospital.  

Large Antioch preschool moves out; nowhere to go
07/25/2015 09:40 AM PDT - Kids' Club Preschool lost its lease and clock is ticking as it looks for another suitable site 

El Cerrito: Timing of new middle school opening still undetermined
07/24/2015 02:43 PM PDT - Architect Marcus Hibser told an audience of about 75 parents and other residents at a July 23 update meeting on the Fred T. Korematsu Middle School project that the last of the four buildings that will house the new school is scheduled for completion on Nov. 23. The district must decide whether to open the campus next spring or at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year.  

Fremont school district passes $327 million budget for 2015-16
07/23/2015 12:13 PM PDT - District will hire 23 more teachers for elementary schools, 16 for secondary sites 

Saint Mary's campus one of 33 'California Teachers Summit' sites
07/24/2015 03:31 PM PDT - First such statewide educators' gathering to use teleconferencing, online meeting methods to bring 20,000 people together for July 31 daylong event 

Skull fragments most likely not Beethoven's
07/25/2015 08:11 PM PDT - As the Beethoven center at San Jose State prepares to observe its 30th anniversary with a gala celebration Friday night, it is also attempting to come to grips with the fact that some famed bone fragments almost certainly are not Beethoven's.  

Film reignites debate about infamous 'Stanford Prison Experiment'
07/24/2015 07:34 AM PDT - Was 1971 study a dangerous exercise in academic hubris or a groundbreaking demonstration on the nature of evil? Retired psych professor and "prison warden" Philip Zimbardo, and students involved offer their perspectives.  

Alameda: USS Hornet gets $300,000 grant to develop teaching program
07/23/2015 10:39 PM PDT - The idea behind the effort, which is being crafted with the U.S. Naval Academy and the Naval Historical Foundation, is to create curriculum that can be used at any Naval museum in the United States.  

Marin track coach charged with sex acts with teen student
07/23/2015 07:53 AM PDT - A Novato High School track and field coach accused of a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old former student was charged with five counts that could carry a decade in prison. 

West Contra Costa bond program buoyed by rising property values
07/22/2015 02:07 PM PDT - The higher values mean West Contra Costa will have a better chance of using the entire $380 million left in school construction bond authorization under 2010 Measure D and 2012 Measure E sooner without going over the maximum tax rate voters were promised, according to Oakland-based KNN Public Finance, the district's bond program adviser.  

Mt. Diablo board eyes Concord charter school decision
07/22/2015 12:07 PM PDT - Rocketship Education, which operates nine charter elementary schools in San Jose, wants to open a campus in the Monument community in Concord  

Former Oakland High security officer convicted of assaulting disabled teen
07/22/2015 07:04 AM PDT - Oakland Unified School District says it trains officers on use force since May 2014 incident 

Berkeley: Campus burglary latest in string
07/22/2015 07:02 AM PDT - BERKELEY -- The latest in a spate of window-smashing burglaries saw more than 20 offices broken into and computers taken at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, campus police said Tuesday. 

Train co-founder Hotchkiss back on track with new band

The Grammy singer-songwriter Rob Hotchkiss won as a founding member of the multiplatinum band Train sits inconspicuously on a shelf in the hillside house in Fairfax that he and his wife, Pam, recently moved into,returning to the Bay Area after years of semi-retirement on Vashon Island in Washington's Puget Sound.