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While we recommend approval, we can only hope future City Council members fulfill the promises to voters. We wish there were a realistic way to restrict use of the half-cent sales tax increase. Unfortunately, California voters have made that nearly impossible.  
He has, by our observation and from accounts of those who depend on him for information, done an excellent job leading the office since he was elected in 2010.  
The superintendent has a key responsibility to oversee finances of the 18 school districts in the county, to sound alarms when one is heading for a financial cliff or unrealistically addressing its accounting. For that reason, the superintendent must be lead by fiscal example.  
After 14 years as a school principal, Sakata has worked in the county Office of Education for the past six. She understands the complex policy issues facing a superintendent -- and the importance of keeping the job independent.  
Voters should back candidates who best understand the city's fiscal plight, will continue holding the line and aren't afraid to make more tough decisions.  
Independent voters will determine the outcome, which is as it should be because the district's constituency is generally centrist. Of the four candidates, two, Catharine Baker and Steve Glazer, are well-prepared, moderate and fiscally responsible.  
The Oakland Tribune/Contra Costa Times Editorial Board interviews candidates in the Hayward mayoral race to see who is best qualified to lead this Alameda County city through some rough waters. Candidates include, from left to right, Mark Salinas, Barbara Halliday, Francisco Zermeno and Rakesh Kumar Christian.  
Contra Costa Auditor-Controller incumbent Robert Campbell and challenger Ayore Riaunda make their best pitches to the Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune Editorial Board.  
Dublin Measure B and Livermore Measure G, both modest, deserve support. But Acalanes high school district voters should reject Measure A and Lafayette voters should oppose Measure B because both attempt to turn temporary taxes into permanent levies, with no expiration dates.  
Without access to government records, we might never know about wasteful spending, excessive salaries, exorbitant pensions, defective bridge construction, plans for nearby subdivisions or teacher abuse of children in their classrooms.  
The four candidates vying for a vacancy on the Pleasanton City Council offer voters a diversity of perspectives on the future growth and finances of the community.  
With the upcoming midterm retirement of Contra Costa Clerk-Recorder Steve Weir after nearly 24 years in the office, 18 candidates applied for the job, but only two deserved serious consideration.  
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