Madison Bumgarner was named the starter for the Giants' March 31 season opener at Arizona. Here's a look at some of the most recent Giants opening day starters and how they fared.

2013Matt CainDodgersL 4-0
2012Tim LincecumD'BacksL 5-4
2011LincecumDodgersL 2-1
2010LincecumAstrosW 5-2
2009LincecumBrewersW 10-6#
2008Barry ZitoDodgersL 5-0
2007ZitoPadresL 7-0
2006Jason SchmidtPadresL 6-1
2005SchmidtDodgersW 4-2
2004Kirk RueterAstrosW 5-4#

# Opening day starter did not earn a decision