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PG&E's negligence shouldn't be rewarded Being able to write off a fine for causing a huge disaster based on negligence, how does this even become an option?  
Supreme Court has final word on lawsThomas Sowell's column, "GOP-appointed justices dismantling Constitution," questioned if Americans have lost their freedom.  
Death penalty vote needs proper airing District Attorney Mark Peterson's effort (in his July 19 opinion piece) to further the debate over California's death penalty is welcome, particularly in light of a pending opportunity to vote on the issue.  
Some would welcome Bay Club's departureThe arguments posed in a steady stream of letters demanding that the current Harbor Bay Club should not be allowed to shut down its current facility and build a new one at the Harbor Bay Business Park fall into two categories:1.  
State budget more spending and taxesOur Legislature just passed the largest spending plan in state history.It pays for everything from pre-kindergarten education, generous earned income tax credits, Legislature pay increases, and Medi-Cal for illegal immigrants (already short of doctors for citizen  
Fix state's water laws to benefit all, not just fewCalifornia, unlike other Western states, grants unlimited free water to a few senior rights holders and doesn't regulate ground water depletion.  
Bobcat-trapping ban deserves our supportCalifornians have an unprecedented opportunity to protect our state's bobcats for generations to come.The California Fish and Game Commission is considering a proposal to enact new regulations on bobcat trapping.  
Plan for trees in the hills is devastatingTaxpayer-funded institutions are planning to inflict environmental devastation on Oakland and Berkeley beginning in August!  
Congress lacks clout to criticize Iran accordCongress lacks the credibility to objectively judge the Iranian nuclear accord. Before it was ever published, many denounced it as "dangerous," the worst deal ever, certain to bring disaster to our country.  
Support local pro soccer in Bay AreaThis 75-year-old woman who used to play, and still loves "the beautiful game," cannot begin to thank you enough for your wonderful editorial, "Women win, records fall, FIFA yawns.  
Just discrimination disguised as literacyThis is regarding the letters to the editor lamenting about the Supreme Court's decision "changing the meaning of the word 'marriage.  
New Bay Club will offer great benefitsWe are writing to convey our support for the new Harbor Bay Club. Besides the benefit of having a brand-new facility in which to exercise, we're excited about the benefits for our kids.  
City got smelly deal on trash collectionLike everyone else, I am used to price increases on services that don't compete, such as utilities, cable and postage stamps.  
Article was scary and fascinatingThe July 12 front-page story in the Times on geo-engineering efforts to address global warming was scary and fascinating.  
Supreme Court redefinition of marriage wrongIn my opinion, the same-sex marriage decision was wrongly decided. My general view of the proper function of the U.  
Obamacare is great blessing for manyThis responds to Robert Stolte's letter, "Obamacare proved a disaster for many." Stolte wrote he "lost" the health care insurance plan he liked.  
Voters need to know the processIn the July 11 Saturday Forum regarding the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage, all but one writer responded very negatively, questioning the legitimacy of the Court's ruling.  
Good people must rise to protect their cityI left my heart in San Francisco? That time is over. Now the city provides sanctuary to hardened criminals who force you to leave your body as well.  
Don't forget tragedy of USS IndianapolisJuly 30 will mark the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.Except for the few lines in the movie "Jaws," few people know of the government cover-up, the unwarranted court-martial or the gruesome deaths of many sailors and Marines only two  
Bay Club does, too, benefit communityRecently, I read a claim that the Harbor Bay Club has given nothing back to the Alameda community. This assertion is not true.  
Cutting down trees is a fire hazard, tooThe recent letter noting the dangers of using herbicides after deforesting 2,509 acres of hillside public land pointed out one longer-term problem with this plan.  
We must prevent oil drilling in the ArcticAt 4 a.m. a few weeks ago, a massive yellow oil rig sat on the water of Puget Sound, Seattle, almost ready to move up north to drill in the Arctic.  
Don't issue lab waste permit without an EIRRecently, I attended a public hearing run by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. It was about issuing Livermore Lab a permit renewal to store and treat very dangerous hazardous wastes, including those mixed with radioactive materials.  
Wastewater can't be much worseI am in accord with the proposal to use processed sewage as a source of potable water.A few months ago, our tap water in Richmond from East Bay Municipal Utility District was as good as any in the country.  
Don't use religion as discrimination tool I don't understand people who claim to be Christians and say their religion tells them to discriminate and be prejudiced against people who are different than they are.  
The Supreme Court rewrote dictionaryThe Supreme Court recently did far more than simply grant to gays the benefits of married couples. It succeeded in a rewrite of Webster's dictionary.  
Health care ruling a case of common senseYou could have knocked me over with a feather when I read the Supreme Court's decision to allow federal subsidies to the Affordable Care Act.  
Harbor Bay Club won't benefit mostIn response to the July 3 letter, "In favor of new spa, Harbor Bay Club:" I disagree with the author on a number of unsubstantiated claims.  
Moving the Red Oak was disgraceful actMembers of Richmond's City Council honors our history only when it suits their needs. They say they are against gentrification or deny it is happening.  
Trash collection fee increase exorbitantIf you pay for garbage and recycling services through Waste Management, look at the recent card sent out to all households on which the new quarterly rates are printed.  

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