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Remember the rulings not worth celebratingLet's temper celebrating the Supreme Court verdicts supporting the Affordable Care Act and the human right of two consenting individuals to marry.  
Corporate justices had to rule that wayThe Supreme Court ruling upholding ACA (Obamacare) was the only decision they could make without causing chaos in the marketplace.  
Leave the fireworks shows to professionalsWhy do they still let Dublin and other Bay Area cities sell fireworks?We all know California is in one of the worst droughts in history and the fire season is in full swing.  
Farmers produce the crops that we needI was quite dismayed that the State Water Resources Control Board has significantly cut water allotments to so many of the senior water rights holders.  
Follow Berkeley's lead on bicyclistsAs an Alameda driver who tries, sincerely, to respect crosswalks, I welcomed the recent "Pedestrian Decoy Operation" (not sure about the "decoy" part, though).  
Oakland's herbicide plan is no solutionUnder a plan promoted by Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb and Mayor Libby Schaaf, the City of Oakland and its partners will spread and spray what is a conservatively estimated to be 7,000 gallons of cancer-causing herbicides after deforesting 2,059 acres of  
Affordable Care Act finally here to stayWhen Social Security began in the 1930s and Medicare started in the 1960s, many objected.Today, however, Social Security is accepted as so important a part of our lives that it is considered the third rail of politics that politicians try to change at their  
Expanding park would harm speciesI've been following the Carnegie Park expansion discussion for the last few months. I understand and respect both sides of the issue.  
The encyclical urges more climate actionAs this paper reported, in his encyclical, Pope Francis urged climate action as a moral imperative.Counter-arguments included the worn-out excuse that most people's minds are already made up.  
Federal Reserve is a deceptive apparitionIn the captivating audio summarizing his seminal book on the Federal Reserve, "The Creature from Jekyll Island" (youtube.  
Not the high-speed rail plan that we voted forNo. Cap and trade money motorists pay on motor fuel should go for highway maintenance and improvements, not for the politicians' ill-planned and roundabout high speed rail.  
Many more sides to fracking than waterIn your recent article, "EPA: Fracking hasn't harmed water," the Environmental Protection Agency report warns there must be safeguards in place to prevent contamination of drinking water.  
Questions about Altamont turbinesThe Altamont wind resource area has never conducted a single scientifically sound or credible mortality study on their turbines.  
Shoreline's new setup has caused accidentSeveral weeks ago, I left my work to make a delivery to the West End at about 6:30 p.m. I traveled on Westline Drive and entered Shoreline Drive.  
Bravo to the city of PleasantonAccording to a June 16 article in the Times, the Pleasanton City Council will consider suspending planning of some 1,300 homes until the drought ends.  
Warriors need to be kept in OaklandI am not a basketball fan, and even I can tell that basketball is Oakland's sport. Did you see the Warriors celebration in Oakland in front of Lake Merritt, with the mass of people and beautiful views of the city?  
Orinda bike lane is a death trapI've ridden the new bike lane in Orinda, on San Pablo Dam Road going north under Highway 24, and I believe it's a death trap.  
Denouncers of lawns not in great companyRecently you published a letter from a gentleman who said he "regretfully" lives in Alamo, where not only are there some green lawns and flowers, but there is actually a family on his street with the gall to install a swimming pool.  
Hayward already has a ban on polystyreneA recent letter writer called for a Styrofoam ban in the city of Hayward. Hayward currently does have a citywide ban on polystyrene and has had it in effect since late 2011.  
Candidates simply ignore the questionsThe list of people running for president is increasing. The candidates will have to deal with personal attacks on every aspect of their lives and exhausting travel from state to state.  
Iraq War calculated, not just a mistakeSo Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and many GOP White House hopefuls now believe the Iraq War was "a mistake."But they know it was no mistake: It was something else.  
Vaccinations help protect all of societyI'm tired of the rhetoric and hate surrounding SB 277, the bill to end "personal belief" vaccine exemptions. The majority of Californians support vaccine requirements.  
Explanation of tube traffic seems flawedAre you baffled by the June 12 My Word, "Clearing up the confusion about Alameda Point," about only one additional car being added to the Posey Tube in 2035 -- even with the Point development of 8,000 new jobs and 1,200 homes?  
PG&E already shown it cannot be trustedIs anyone else getting sick and tired of the PG&E ads claiming to be building a better California?Remember September 2010, when the natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno leveled 38 homes and killed eight people?  
Please reconsider cutting down treesI am so appalled at the plan to thin trees in the Oakland/Berkeley hills. I would love to hear one positive effect this will have, as I can only think of devastating consequences.  
Another who merits the Medal of HonorI was glad to see President Barack Obama posthumously bestow the Medal of Honor on two World War I heroes, Pvt. Henry Johnson and Sgt.  
Juvenile Hall's alleged abuse is fraudulentI read with disbelief the article about alleged abuse at Juvenile Hall in Martinez and the tentative settlement.  
Must employ best water-use methodsOver the years, we've watched Texas relatives who farm cotton go from flood irrigation to center pivot irrigation and now to underground soaker hoses, a technology developed in Israel.  
BART problems and sudden lack of fundsAnyone else notice the sudden uptick in reports of problems with BART in the past couple of months?Nothing at all mentioned about aging equipment, faulty tracks, computer problems or anything like that a year ago when the BART directors were busy giving away  
A bill needs to be passed to fix thisPass a bill. The state needs to stop hiding behind the "let's keep them like zombies when in the foster care system," when the system has to watch them.  

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