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CIA's use of torture is simply appallingI've read the news stories in the Times about the CIA torture report and am appalled by our government. Through further research, I've learned the report describes acts of torture conducted by the CIA and funded with our tax dollars including: waterboarding  
Man lost in accident will be sorely missedA good man was killed Dec. 11 at the intersection of Grand Street and Otis Avenue. He was in a crosswalk and was wearing a neon vest and lighted wristband.  
Chief Magnus taking city down right pathAs an 18-year-old, I'm confident Richmond police Chief Chris Magnus is taking the department in the right direction.  
Oakland police work has been exemplaryOn Nov. 24, when I heard that demonstrators had come to the Interstate 580 freeway offramp at Lakeshore Avenue, as the director of the Lakeshore Business Improvement District, I was concerned and went down to monitor developments.  
Misled protests over the top in their absurdityThoughts that trouble me some: if the physical and scientific evidence are not in dispute, if the stories of "hands up, don't shoot" have been recanted, if 12 people (with pressure to convict) decided a police officer followed the rules, if the  
Once again, PG&E profit skyrocketsA recent Times article said, "PG&E profit soared in the third quarter, primarily due to increased revenue from a rate increase and lower charges related to .  
Malpractice victims lost in the electionMy husband died due to medical malpractice.Those who voted against Proposition 46 voted against patient safety and rights.  
A more equal society makes everyone saferSince I wasn't on the Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury and didn't hear all the evidence, I'm not qualified to pass judgment on their decision.  
Cameras would protect the police and othersI thoroughly agree with the idea that if police were required to wear cameras at all times, it would help their safety plus they would not be careless of the rights of others.  
GOP's convenient amnesia is curableMichael Arata's Nov. 23 commentary requires a response.To understand the Affordable Care Act, let's trace its origin.  
Thanks for aiding Scouts food driveI've always loved the holidays. In addition to giving thanks for my family's good fortune, it presents a time when our community can come together to help more families in Alameda have a good holiday season.  
Could the treatment be because of race?My husband and I live atop a steep hill in Rossmoor. It's easy to lose track of one's speed when driving down.About a year ago, I was pulled over by a Walnut Creek police officer for going too fast.  
Heed these words to the wise from pastA visitor, who was to lecture here, arrived in Oakland via ferry and was interviewed. In the course of the interview he made the following statement:"One must always remember that wisdom does not brawl upon the street.  
Citizens United had impact on electionA Times editorial about the recent election included a comment about the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court.  
Illegal immigrants now feel much saferI appreciate your article, "Twenty years after Proposition 187, attitudes toward illegal immigration have changed dramatically in California.  
Chevron apparently didn't get messageWhile it's admirable Chevron "respects and acknowledges the outcome of the election" (as if they had some other choice), Kurt Glaubitz's Nov.  
Decision by grand jury was very courageousBased on media reporting regarding the Ferguson situation, including that of the "evil" Fox TV News, I applaud the courage of the grand jury to not indict.  
Don't have enough facts on FergusonHow can I know if the grand jury in Ferguson made the right decision?They were the only group that heard all the witnesses and saw all the evidence.  
Brown's death fault of oppressive societyAs a white mother of a white son, I assume he will not be killed by a police officer. Even if he has committed a crime; even if he is insubordinate, surly and aggressive, I trust that he will be arrested and not killed.  
An interstate water system is neededThe United States should develop an interstate water system. If we can develop interstate highways, oil pipelines and railroad lines, we can build an effective water system across this country.  
Would Lee have cared if Brown were white?To the Ferguson decision, U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee says, "Like everyone in our community, I am devastated by the senseless murder of yet another black man.  
Cepeda column ignores true historyIn response to her Nov. 20 column, "Some women have many reasons to reject feminism," Esther Cepeda surprised me with her venom regarding some feminists' stances.  
Are the misleading 'facts' deliberate?Thomas Sowell's recent column regarding "voter fraud" is a perfect example of how pundits of both parties give carefully selected, incomplete information with the intention to mislead.  
Willing to pay more to ensure all are coveredIn reference to the Jonathan Gruber confession and Obamacare, I'm tired of hearing that the American voters are stupid and ignorant.  
Blame Congress for lack of productivityI support President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration.Nothing could be worse than the broken system we have now, thanks to the Republicans.  
The Citizens United decision has got to goWhen even Warren Buffett cannot convince people that we aren't taxing wealthy people sufficiently, I ponder: What will wake people up?  
Truck noise, traffic issues being resolvedTim Lewis Communities wishes to respond to the Nov. 21 letter, "Code enforcement favors developers," regarding recent truck activity at the Del Monte Warehouse, which we understand has been a nuisance to neighbors.  
A theater education is worth the moneyI am a 16-year-old junior at Northgate High School who has worked with various theater groups for the past seven years.  
Fight prescription abuse the right wayThe medical profession cares about curbing prescription drug abuse. As an example, last year we supported legislation to re-establish a monitoring program that will be funded out of physicians' medical license fees.  
Citizens United case must be overturnedThe Richmond City Council election returns showed that money can't buy an election -- when dedicated leadership mobilizes voters and there is a known funder, in this case Chevron, with a clear impact on public health and safety.  

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