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Israeli oppression what's really hatedRegarding the letter, "Israelis fight Islamist threat to whole world" on Aug. 1: no, Muslims do not hate Jews. For centuries, Arabs and Jews lived harmoniously together in Yemen, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco and Spain.  
Legislators must not align with utilitiesAssembly bills are something I have never paid much attention to, but AB2145 passed out of the California Senate Appropriations Committee last week and I took notice.  
Liberals need to personally adopt migrantsThis letter is regarding the invasion of all the illegal immigrant children, i.e., those who claim to be children, those who need to be potty trained by our border control agents and those who seem to be children old enough to shave.  
Legislation is a bailout for Hollywood unionsRecently, several readers have written letters advocating support for California Assembly Bill 1839, which would provide even more "tax credits" to the California film industry.  
Pitts is right about disrespectful actsI agree with Leonard Pitts' column regarding the teenager taking the selfie at the Auschwitz Memorial. It was totally disrespectful.  
America cannot run from its enemies President Barack Obama has awakened from his fantasy of: "If I ignore it, it will go away."Unfortunately, his enlightenment is very late in coming.  
Council failed local residents on DMCI'm all for solar power and student scholarships, but I feel strongly that Doctors Medical Center, a community hospital that sees thousands of patients in its emergency room each year and saves many lives, should have funding priority over the pet projects of  
AT&T school towers putting kids at riskWe are going into the fifth grade at Maya Lin School. We have now spoken at three school board meetings. We don't think we should have to ask to feel safe.  
Nation simply must secure its bordersI'd like to know why wanting our borders secured is "racist," as I've heard said many times.Don't we have the right to know who's in our country, what their intentions are, if they have communicable diseases?  
BART board's free rides outrageousMy wife and I were already displeased with Rebecca Saltzman because of the manner in which the BART board mishandled the negotiations with the unions some months ago.  
Hamas should reap exactly what it sowsIn his letter, Michael Beer states he's ashamed to be a Jew because of Israel's attacks on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  
Immigrants have strong asylum casesMuch consternation accompanies the "wretched masses from (the) teeming shores" of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala at our border.  
The civilians' deaths in Gaza fault of HamasThe true murderer of Gaza citizens is their own government, Hamas: Hamas initiated the rocket attacks on innocent Israelis, to which Israel had to respond to defend its own people.  
Better way to reach our climate goalsIn their Aug. 2 guest commentary, "California needs a pathway to achieving energy and climate goals," Graham Richard and Arno Harris appropriately laud California's progress in reducing fossil-fuel emissions and call for a new pathway to achieving California's  
Indoctrination root of nonsensical ideas I read a July 25 letter in the Times by Kim Dromlewicz which expresses his belief that President Barack Obama has secret concentration camps closed to Congress and the press and is transporting immigrant children with drug-resistant diseases all over the  
Richmond's council used legal extortion Extortion: the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. See blackmail and shakedown.  
The BART gravy train continues to roll onNo, I do not think BART directors and their families should be given free lifetime passes to the system.It is a disgrace this ever came to pass and has been continuing all along!  
Use the CDC facts to form valid opinionsOpinions lacking a basis in facts don't convince.Denise Kalm's July 30 letter stated America's at risk of "dengue fever, tuberculosis, and Ebola" from the "illegal immigrant 'invasion.  
Vital's exit raises serious questionsOver the last several weeks leading up the demise of Kirsten Vital, it become known to me in my reading that she was recently awarded a contract until 2016.  
Chevron should have been honest at startIf Chevron has lost money on its project to refine high-sulfur crude oil, it's unfortunate because the loss wouldn't have occurred had Chevron been upfront in first applying for a new permit necessitating a new environmental impact report.  
Palestinians' deaths are fault of HamasThe author of July 25 letter, "U.S. aids and abets slaughter in Gaza," expresses disgust that not one member of the U.  
Incarceration rates aren't about racismLeonard Pitts Jr. writes many good columns, but his constant preoccupation with "mass incarceration" as some racist conspiracy is not supported by facts.  
Sadly, county must enforce own lawsWe are facing a tsunami of children being taken out of their homes, away from their friends and relatives.They are placed on top of trains, asked to row across rivers, and risk their lives to become illegal immigrants.  
Pass bond measure to improve home sales?State Assembly members Joan Buchanan and Curt Hagman asserted, in their July 20 Times opinion piece, that California is in "desperate need" of a new school facilities bond, arising from a secondary need to "keep our schools and housing in pace with the  
Europe gives Putin no reason to changeAs long as Russian President Vladimir Putin is in charge, the Russians will never know the truth.Putin knows Europe has no backbone.  
Check massive water use by corporationsAn article by Paul Rogers, "California drought: 'Water cops' being hired by Bay Area agencies to root out water waste," ignores the problem of massive water use for fracking and other oil and gas extraction methods.  
Russo disrespectful to public in meetingsI wish all Alameda residents witnessed the July 15 City Council meeting during which City Manager John Russo bickered with and badgered public speakers who were there to speak in support of the Crown Beach/Neptune Point ordinance, and who were there to speak  
It is past time to cut Fed's influenceThe executive branch of the U.S. government has the existing, well-tested constitutional authority to de-link us from banking control under the Federal Reserve by printing our own U.  
Palestinians made bed they now lie inTo try to answer those who bash Israel (Jew and non-Jew) sitting in the comfort of homes not under attack by rockets is probably pointless.  
Water allocations must be fair to allEast Bay Municipal Utility District provides water to cooler, bay side cities west of the Caldecott Tunnel and also to the hotter, inland east side of the Caldecott Tunnel (from Alameda to the Mount Diablo hills area).  

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