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The dire predictions clearly not justifiedRobert Zanker's Jan. 27 paranoid pro-gun-control screed was not only way off base, it's contradicted by history.  
Trump loves to dish it out, but he can't take itSo far, Donald Trump has had it easy.He tosses out absurd plans and outrageous insults that delight raucous crowds who are frustrated and angry.  
New housing is the real water wasterYes, I support EBMUD penalizing and naming water wasters.On a regular basis, this paper has published the names of people who have exceeded their water allotment.  
It is vital to report suspicion of abuseYour Jan. 24 editorial and Dan Borenstein's column were vital messages in the effort to prevent child abuse.We want to thank this paper, Matthias Gafni and Borenstein for their persistence in reporting on the Joseph Martin case.  
Trump would lose, benefit gun controlWayne LaPierre and his colleagues in the leadership team at the NRA must be having some sleepless nights about now.  
Bizarre comparison made to Adolf HitlerIn his letter, "Hitler was a true progressive leader," Hal Bray makes a bizarre attempt to associate Adolf Hitler with American progressives.  
EBMUD apologizes for bad data releaseLast April, the East Bay Municipal Utility District passed the Excessive Use Water Penalty Ordinance -- a policy with public disclosure implications.  
The Iowa caucuses are really irrelevantC'mon now, people, let's get serious. The Iowa caucuses?It's not a primary with secret ballots. Groups of people just show up in small groups at the local high school and chat about the weather.  
Lund Ranch II plan violates Measure PPMeasure PP, Pleasanton's hillside protection measure, was passed by the voters in 2008. Our mayor and City Council members (except Karla Brown and a recused council member) have decided to ignore it and devise their interpretation of Measure PP in favor of a  
System manipulated and fraud dominatesOur current financial system is out of control. It makes no sense. It is totally corrupted, as anyone not in denial can see.  
Prescription drugs lack competitionYour recent editorial on prescription drugs needs continued investigation.I just renewed one of my wife's prescriptions; 90 pills for $510.  
Endorsement won't make a differenceNo, Sarah Palin's endorsement would not make me more likely to support Donald Trump. Palin is from a time past. Trump is a self-made man with his own message.  
Our nation's safety demands cautionDaniel Borenstein began his Jan. 17 column, "We're better than the bigotry we're witnessing, aren't we?" attempting to equate the treatment of Native Americans, slavery and the internment of Japanese-Americans at the beginning of World War II with the idea of a  
Thanks for SPIN! fundraiser for AEFI would like to thank JP and Christine Parker of SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza at Alameda Landing for benefiting the Alameda Education Foundation with their "Dine & Donate" night Jan.  
What if Trump faces Sanders in November?The presidential election of 2008 was the most historic in this nation's history. The 2016 presidential election may be the most intriguing.  
Coal cargoes would not be containerizedThe author of the Jan. 15 article, "Coal shipments not dangerous to health," is clearly mistaken. There is indeed "a documented human exposure mechanism that delivers a sufficient amount of the agent (coal dust) by uptake through .  
More gun control is needed, not lessIn a recent letter in the Times, Michael Kluever proposed as a solution to the recent mass killings that anyone should be allowed to carry a weapon and all citizens should be encouraged to do so.  
Feds are falling down on the job of protecting usDo you feel adequately protected by our federal government?We've learned our "vetting" of visa applicants leaves a lot to be desired (San Bernardino).  
Debate will not help gun-related deathsThe debate over gun control will continue but, ultimately, never resolve all gun-related deaths.The facts are undeniable: Guns exist worldwide, crazies exist worldwide, the police cannot protect you in your moment of need; gun legislation is a fuzzy, feel-good  
Limiting gun magazines will limit casualtiesIn his recent letter, Michael Kluever's well-meaning advice for reducing gun violence doesn't work. He's correct that "all we can do is to limit casualties," but adding fuel to the fire -- more guns -- is counterproductive.  
Obama's order on guns is unconstitutionalPresident Barack Obama's executive order on guns is an illegal, unconstitutional decree from a tyrannical ruler.  
Pay city manager wants is exorbitantI read the city manager wants $245,000 per year plus benefits. That seems like a lot of money, particularly when the average Alameda per capita income is about $42,000 per year with no benefits.  
We should resolve to make it a great yearIt is said that out of adversity, good things often occur -- and certainly we now have much adversity statewide, nationally and in the world.  
City should follow example of OUSDWith the Oakland Unified School District's very recent citywide mailing that officially concedes that homeowners have four years to claim their prior years' exemptions, OUSD has come a long way to doing right by seniors and low-income residents.  
Pleasanton's Lund Ranch plan is soundNo referendum needed! After more than 20 years of planning for a large development of homes and more recently a thorough review and approval by Pleasanton's Planning Staff, Planning Commission and City Council, a much smaller plan of only 43 homes has been  
Seeing government by executive whimThe Constitution doesn't grant the executive branch the authority to make laws or regulations. Only Congress can introduce legislation and change existing laws.  
The truth must be told about referendumResidents of Pleasanton are being asked to stop Lund Ranch development by signing a referendum at grocery stores and schools.  
Richmond City Council needs district electionsFor 110 years, Richmond's City Council has been elected through an at-large system.While most cities our size have district elections, Richmond keeps its at-large system, remaining in thrall to big money and select neighborhoods.  
Order won't reduce mass public shootingsJohn Lott, of Crime Prevention Research Center, has a new study out that shows the expansion of background checks to private transfers, as President Barack Obama proposes, does not reduce mass public shootings.  
Humans committing slow-motion suicideThe three people who have recently argued about climate change in these pages may impress some Times readers but offer nothing else to the discussion.  

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