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Big bank executives are the real fat catsYour March 15 front-page article, "Execs' pay no drop in bucket," chastises water company general managers for their multi-hundred-thousand-dollar compensation packages while water rates, because of the drought, are on the rise.  
Netanyahu used our country to win raceA recent Saturday Talk Back question was, "Should Benjamin Netanyahu have been invited to speak before Congress?  
Tabs should be kept on Fire Department plansRecent articles and editorials show concern by people in Alameda: The mayor is concerned about the cost of the proposed fire station (that's her job).  
Prevention key to firefightingWe as the board for Friends of Montclair RR Trail park volunteers are concerned about what the City will do to prevent wildfire and to protect the residents and properties in the Oakland hills.  
There is a fine line between lies, truthIn his recent letter, Bill Castellanos, eager to perpetuate welfare statism, characterizes data documenting its unsustainable failures as "subterfuge and veiled lies.  
Current science of West is just another faithThe March 12 letter writer is badly mistaken in assuming that all who believe in miracles and (presumably) all believers in God are "ignorant" and "probably incapable of thinking analytically and logically.  
Editorial about Iran letter off the markYour editorial about the letter 47 Republicans senators sent to Iran's clerics had more holes than a colander.The letter wasn't a display of arrogance but of concern that Secretary of State John Kerry is negotiating a bad deal with terrorism's largest  
We all have big stake in DMC staying openThis is for people who have health insurance and don't think it is important to keep Doctors Medical Center open.  
Hillary Clinton can't be the one to decideAfter her multiple questionable and unethical involvement in Whitewater, Rose law firm records, Cattlegate, Vince Fostergate, Filegate, Travelgate, Monicagate, among others, Hillary Clinton wishes us to "trust her" regarding her emails while secretary of  
Science classes' bay access worth fundingOne of my son's science teachers at Lincoln Middle School put a bug in my ear a few years back. Wouldn't it be great for the science classes to have access to the bay, with rowboats and a dock?  
Poverty triggers destructive actsI'm referring to Ken Hambrick's guest commentary, "Time to stop criminals masquerading as protesters."I remind Times readers that living conditions in Walnut Creek, where Hambrick lives, are far removed from those in Oakland's poorest areas.  
Arabs deny right of Israelis to existRegarding the recent letter on stopping aid to Israel:In the 1950s TV series, "Dragnet," Sgt. Friday always admonished his witnesses with, "Just the facts, ma'am.  
Invite of Netanyahu was a terrible ideaBenjamin Netanyahu should not have been invited to speak before the Congress. He only wants war and wants the United States to fight it for him.  
Unvaccinated kids shouldn't be in schoolsThe recent controversy just goes to show how supposedly well-educated, and apparently well-meaning antivax parents lack one important character trait: common sense.  
Critics should offer another viable planThis responds to Pete Laurence's opinion piece, "Obama is fiddling while our modern-day Rome burns."Laurence isn't the first, nor will he be the last, to whine that President Barack Obama isn't doing it "right" with foreign policy matters, especially in the  
Public moralists absolve drunken youth Ironically, champions of personal responsibility in the media are falling over themselves to deflect the responsibility of the drunken, underage frat rats singing a parody of their fraternity's chant.  
Hillary Clinton just is not trustworthyThose of us who work typically have an email account at work and a personal email account.For most of us, work email is used to conduct business for the benefit of our employer, and our employer has the right to view those emails.  
Shoreline change not done democraticallyRegarding the changes on Shoreline Drive: The drastic alteration of a useful and scenic road into an unmitigated maze of signs, dividers, color codes, reflectors and yellow zones too small for delivery trucks cost a few bucks short of $1 million.  
Another hack attack on police, firefightersOnce again Daniel Borenstein has spewed his acerbic, vitriolic words on retirees of Oakland's police and fire departments.  
By far, the best 'fix' for Social SecurityThe best Social Security "fix" is to reformulate it as a tax cut by removing the payroll-tax cap entirely and apply Social Security taxes not just to "payroll" but all income.  
Netanyahu's lecture violation of protocolLet's hope our new Congressman Mark DeSaulnier was paying attention during Benjamin Netanyahu's lecture to Congress.  
Scientists can't do much about ignorant publicA recent Times editorial claims that scientists face a crisis of trust because of "changing attitudes," as though this is a recent phenomenon.  
Don't use children as leverage in strikeTesoro's mean-spirited move closing its fields to the Little League is a sly attempt on its part to turn public opinion against the Steelworkers' strike, but it didn't work.  
Times editorial on UC is off baseYour editorial, "Cal program should return tainted money," regarding the UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy accepting a gift from former PUC President Michael Peevey is totally off base.  
Should not soak the taxpayers for sportsOf course not. Why should public money be used to fund any sports teams? The players are making millions of dollars, and the club owners certainly aren't hurting, either.  
Residents should buy Pine MeadowEight of us play golf at Pine Meadow weekly. We'll miss Pine Meadow terribly and sympathize with those Martinez residents who want their open space.  
Freedom of choice as crucial as free speechI disagree with Susan Davenport's Feb. 20 letter concerning free speech.I feel that, as important as free speech is, understanding, sensitivity and respect go along with it.  
Village in need of viable businessesAt long last, it appears the abandoned store on the corner of Mountain Boulevard and LaSalle Avenue will soon be occupied.  
Words taken out of context President Barack Obama's detractors drone on relentlessly over his quotation, " ... you didn't build that." They misrepresented the meaning and took that sound bite completely out of its original context.  
You might be a liberal if ...If you don't think President Obama should mail back his Nobel Peace Prize, you are a liberal.If you don't believe Obama is sympathetic to the radical Islamic cause and hates Tea Party Christians more than the Muslim Brotherhood, you are a liberal.  

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