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New club would be great for swimmersI am president of the Alameda Island Aquatics (Islanders) age group swim team, and I support the proposed new Harbor Bay Club at North Loop Road.  
Letters, in fact, can be a source of truthIn his letter, "So cats are gods and clouds are fake," Mike Reeves pokes fun at letter writers when he says, "opinion-page letters are becoming funnier than comics.  
Races lacked enough notification of publicI am pleased that Oakland continues to be a venue for various sports events. I want everyone to see what a beautiful city we can be and come to enjoy it.  
Police should try a shift in proceduresTammerlin Drummond's column, "Too often traffic stops anything but routine," describes another very tragic incident, occurring much too often, involving a traffic stop by an officer, resulting in the death of that officer.  
Perhaps riders could've shown some mannersHere we go again. A group of 10 black women are kicked off the Napa Valley Wine Train for repeatedly ignoring the train personnel's request that they "keep it down" as other passengers complained about the noise.  
History is repeating itself with ApacheIn December 2014, Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake inserted a fine-print rider into the National Defense Authorization Act that exchanged over 2,000 acres of Arizona National Forest for land owned by a foreign mining concern, Resolution Copper.  
Republicans crossing the line in Iran dealTrusting but verifying, detente and engagement are left behind and ignored by those upset by the Iran nuclear agreement.  
She did it right; no reason for outrageYes, according to laws, rules and policies of the State Department at that time. Neither she nor her predecessors -- Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, who also used private email -- broke any laws and were not criminally liable.  
A bizarre column about gun controlIn his column "The political left doesn't let facts ruin a good theory," Thomas Sowell states, "Millions of American civilians" are forbidden to have guns, making them "sitting ducks -- for criminals, terrorists or psychos.  
Thanks for support of reading programThe Alameda Free Library's 2015 Summer Reading Program was a huge success. With more than 3,300 kids, teens and adults participating in the Read to the Rhythm program, this was a very busy summer for Alameda readers.  
Trump is lacking in the needed qualitiesDonald Trump says he is now a Republican -- a mixed blessing for the GOP.He sucks the air out of gatherings. He boasts he is the best and greatest at everything.  
O'Dowd instructor deserves honorsThanks for the Aug. 21 article, "Helping nature," regarding the success of the environmental program at Bishop O'Dowd High School.  
Democrats, indeed, are for all AmericansIn a recent letter, Jay Todesco asked if one can name a single Democratic program or policy that protects the American citizen.  
Lion hunter's claim deserves audacity prizeMr. Jeff Stanley, the Great White Hunter, has unwittingly provided a simple solution for ending the world's hunger problem while justifying the killing of Cecil the lion (Aug.  
Iran deal to stand on verifiability, not trustBy asking whether we (or I) trust Iran, somebody is setting up a "straw man."Of course, I don't trust Iran.  
In many cases, drones put lives at riskReading your recent front-page headline, "Drones putting lives at risk," I said to myself, that is certainly true.  
Trump is self-centered and that hurts partyWho is Donald Trump? Donald's father, Fred Trump, started a real estate development company when he was very young.  
Cuban critics stand on flimsy soapboxThe re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba is most welcome and long overdue.However, President Barack Obama didn't accomplish anything that any of his recent predecessors couldn't have done -- if they had only possessed the courage.  
Column dishonest about forest plansThe East Bay Regional Park District's general manager, Robert Doyle, made two claims to defend the deforestation of the hills.  
Want real change? Vote no on SB 27While Ebola may terrify the public, what would the public think of a post-antibiotic era, in which one out of five Americans would die annually from a bacterial infection?  
Jail expansion is not what it seems I was disappointed to read retired Judge Harlan Grossman's Aug. 9 guest commentary on Sheriff David Livingston's proposed jail expansion in Richmond.  
Pull gun on cops, expect to be shotOn Aug. 12, a group of protesters occupied the intersection of 27th and MLK and blocked the North Gate off ramp starting about 9:15 p.  
We should raise teachers' salariesAs we're getting close to starting another school year, we're reading about school districts not being able to fill many open teaching slots.  
Designed for interpretationIn her letter, "Nation is a republic, but not a democracy," Sharon Arata confuses "altering" with "interpretation." The Constitution was designed for interpretation.  
United States should butt out The United States has been interfering in Iranian politics for more than a century, with the intent of controlling its oil and natural resources.  
Must preserve dwindling wildlife"Once upon a time, there were elephants and rhinoceroses in the wild."That very well might be the opening line in a book and how we recall these magnificent creatures in the future unless the poaching of elephants for their tusks and rhinos for their horns is halted.  
Wood smoke remains a major health threatI really appreciate the intent of Alameda's secondhand smoke ordinance. By banning cigarette smoking, it is a great step toward assuring the health and well-being of Alameda residents and visitors to our shopping and public areas.  
Trump's win-win is no win for countryAt the first Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump said two things, among others. He would not pledge not to run as an independent if he didn't get the Republican nomination, which would probably dilute the vote for the Republican nominee, thus handing  
Why eucalyptus trees removal a good thingThere is a lot of hysteria and misinformation floating around concerning the removal of the eucalyptus trees in the East Bay Hills.  
Poor mental health access is real problemReferring to the latest crazy person in the movie theater in Tennessee, I am disgusted with all this talk about guns, knives and weapons in general that are being blamed for killing people, sometimes en masse.  

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