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Arms makers benefit from war authorizationYou don't have to be a genius to comprehend who benefits most from any new congressional authorization for use of military force -- the military-industrial complex.  
Here's hoping Oakland will keep the RaidersAs a lifelong Raiders fan, and PSL Club ticket holder since the Raiders returned to Oakland in 1995, I am clearly devastated with the news from Los Angeles.  
Measles is terrible, damaging diseaseIn an article in this paper about vaccination exemptions, parent Amy Kelchner said, "Measles is not as terrible a disease as everyone is making it out to be .  
Build more housing to ease rent crisisI'm pro-development at Alameda Point, mostly for its potential to add housing. My employer recruited me from out-of-state.  
Don't waste another cent on sports teamsWhen politicians like Libby Schaaf allow their emotions to cloud their ability to make sound judgments taxpayers will foot the bill all over again.  
Thorough review of schools imperativeThank you for the well-researched, thoughtful article, "Private firms wield large influence over West Contra Costa school district bond program as costs soar.  
The definition of tolerance has been distortedAs theologian D.A. Carson chronicled in his book, "The Intolerance of Tolerance," the concept of tolerance has been turned into its opposite over the past few decades by those on the political left.  
Shortage of doctors not at all surprisingI was saddened, but not surprised, by Tracy Seipel's article reporting the dire shortage of doctors who can care for the huge influx of Medi-Cal patients under Obamacare.  
For a lot of people, vaccines came too lateI strongly agree with your editorial, "Protect your kids, others with vaccine."Why would any parent want to endure what my parents endured in the days before vaccinations?  
New agency cannot possibly do the jobThe new agency created to curb threats in cyberspace can't work. Unasked in the question: Where is our greatest cyberspace threat?  
Writer confused on free speech conceptAmer Araim's guest commentary, regarding the terrorist attacks in Paris, suggests the media shouldn't agitate people.  
Charter school officials trying to bully districtI wish to respond to the Feb. 13 letter, "School board member should resign her post," by Bara Waters, in which comments to an applicant and a history of not upholding the interests of charter schools are reasons for calling for Barbara Kahn's  
None of us deserve to live in fear for lifeOn Feb. 6, a white police officer in Alabama attacked an Indian grandfather who was visiting his grandson. The attack left Sureshbhai Patel nearly paralyzed.  
Murals beautifying Montclair VillageThe author of the Feb. 13 letter, "Enough already with Montclair murals," seems oblivious to the fact that Oakland is in the forefront of art in the Bay Area.  
County employees support the needyThe annual Counties Care Holiday Food Fight to benefit the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano reached a milestone this year.  
More wars will not stop the sociopathsThe 21st century opened with the al-Qaida attack on the World Trade Center, followed by our misguided war on Iraq.  
Communities should not have to be afraidOn Feb. 6, a white police officer in Madison, Alabama, attacked an Indian grandfather visiting his grandson for the crime of walking while brown, leaving Sureshbhai Patel nearly paralyzed.  
Richmond City Council vacancyRegarding your article, "No deal on new council member," it's disturbing that Vice Mayor Jael Myrick holds my membership in the Richmond Progressive Alliance, a civic organization, against me as a candidate for Richmond's vacant council seat.  
The endangerment of others is not a rightParents apparently have the right to refuse to have their children vaccinated. However, they don't have a right to endanger others.  
Rent crisis requires actions taken nowCouncilmember Tony Daysog presented slides with U.S. Census data late in the Jan. 20 City Council meeting. Daysog's eye-opening figures went by quickly when he presented them, but they have been analyzed in more accessible form.  
Ivy League degree not needed, just good oneThe HYA "characteristic" poll results and community feedback are now available on the school board meeting packet.  
Refinery expansion decision no surpriseIs anyone surprised by the Contra Costa County board of stooges' Feb. 3 decision approving the Phillips 66 Rodeo refinery's expansion request/demand?  
Immunization is vital protection Your editorial, "Protect your kids, others with vaccine," highlighted the importance of immunization to protect against measles and noted the myth responsible for the decline in usage.  
Discussion is vital part of democracyThere has been a lot of press associated with the dysfunctional state of the Republican and Democratic parties by the powers-that-be and, especially, the press.  
Democrats own half blame for gridlockThe recent editorial in this paper, "What is state of the union? Gridlocked," was harmless, except that it repeated the Democratic Party myth that the Republicans are the party of "no.  
Execution can be made painless and humaneThe Brittany Maynard case brought the death-with-dignity issue to the forefront again. When I heard about her valiant struggle and brave decision to end her life before her terrible illness caused more suffering, my heart went out to her.  
Obama's negotiating skills questionableSetting aside our political biases for a moment, imagine what our world would look like today if we had President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry negotiating with Adolf Hitler and Imperial Japan in the 1930s.  
Build XL, but regulate securelyI'm for allowing the XL pipeline to be built, but not without secure regulations and oversight, plus significant project revenue going to federal and state infrastructure projects.  
Euthanasia could end lives much too earlyAs a cancer patient -- adenoid cystic carcinoma -- I disagree that California needs to go down the path of assisted suicide or compassionate death for terminally ill patients.  
'In-stride' rebuttal full of distortionsI'm writing in answer to Mark Greenside's personal criticisms of me. While Greenside wrote in his approximately 500-word comment that he took my letter disagreeing with him "in stride," I'm not quite sure he did.  

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