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Russo disrespectful to public in meetingsI wish all Alameda residents witnessed the July 15 City Council meeting during which City Manager John Russo bickered with and badgered public speakers who were there to speak in support of the Crown Beach/Neptune Point ordinance, and who were there to speak  
It is past time to cut Fed's influenceThe executive branch of the U.S. government has the existing, well-tested constitutional authority to de-link us from banking control under the Federal Reserve by printing our own U.  
Palestinians made bed they now lie inTo try to answer those who bash Israel (Jew and non-Jew) sitting in the comfort of homes not under attack by rockets is probably pointless.  
Water allocations must be fair to allEast Bay Municipal Utility District provides water to cooler, bay side cities west of the Caldecott Tunnel and also to the hotter, inland east side of the Caldecott Tunnel (from Alameda to the Mount Diablo hills area).  
We must improve water awarenessA recent article in this paper, pointing out the 8 percent increase in water consumption in Southern California, reminded me of the drought back in the 1970s.  
Study mandatory water rationingYour July 11 editorial, "Water limits should apply to all users," seemingly supports the failed one-size-fits-all type policy loved by the collectivist control freaks who dominate California's bureaucracies.  
Goal is to create more new votersWe should treat the children well, send them back to their child-endangering parents, and then fire the entire Obama administration.  
Time to install a desert landscapeXeriscape is short for desert landscape. I am surprised not to see or hear this mentioned in any of the discourse concerning our ongoing water shortage.  
Punish those hiring illicit immigrantsI really don't understand all of the fuss about our border with Mexico in regard to noncitizens. All we need to do is enforce the laws that are on the books regarding hiring illegal aliens.  
Opinion page no place for some opinionsI am tiring of rants that are regularly submitted as "letters." Most recent was a screed from Mark Marcotte (July 10), in which he presents his biases and personal misinformation as "a fact.  
Jobs report was lipstick on a pigThe June jobs report came out declaring 288,000 new jobs were added to the work force. The media got excited; the stock market reached new highs.  
Hobby Lobby not restricting anyoneLast time I checked, we still have a Constitution of the United States. It guarantees freedom of religion and free speech.  
Has Earth reached a climate tipping point?Stephen Dexter's July 15 letter, "Climate changed over millennia," gives a glimpse into the minds of deniers.  
For this city, it's time for Quan & Co. to goWe should applaud fellow letter writers for reminding us of the ineptitude and schizoid messages, not to mention overwhelming incompetence, from Mayor Jean Quan and the City Council (her cronies).  
Nation must stop invasion of borderYour July 13 editorial, "Border children deserving of fresh start, due process," failed to consider: How can the United States possibly absorb the vast populations of poor or violent countries?  
Convert canal to a pipeline systemThe July 13 article by Paul Burgarino describing the history of drownings in the Contra Costa Canal makes no mention of an obvious and total solution to the risks inherent in an open canal.  
All fireworks can lead to disasterAs a Dublin resident for many years, I'm seeing it go in an unpleasant direction. I believe those we elect to run our city aren't doing what's best for residents.  
Fines should start with greedy officialsI do believe California water violators should be fined -- much more than $500 a day -- but starting with our governor, state senators, city water companies and all statewide water regulators.  
Take broader view of Israeli actionsThe Rev. Susan Champion's July 11 letter misses its mark by calling for an end to Palestinians' oppression. Unfortunately, she examines the Palestinian-Israeli issue from a narrow corner rather than examining the whole breadth of this complex situation.  
Ditch border, let everyone move in hereWhat's with all the furor over floods of thousands of minor children and their mothers illegally crossing our southern border into Arizona?  
A minimum wage increase the right thingTo discredit the proposed minimum wage of $13 ("Another Minimum Wage Hike," June 29) Rocco Biale criticizes this increase as 'unearned.  
On the schools chief, fall tax revenue voteThis summer is a season of change in the Alameda Unified School District. As many of you have heard, our superintendent, Kirsten Vital, has resigned her position as of Aug.  
Truth purposely distorted in letterJames Kral's July 3 letter claims 93 percent of pregnancy services offered at Planned Parenthood are abortion services.  
Bad signal sent by city on police panelThe city of Oakland has recently hired a new executive director of the Citizens' Police Review Board, Anthony Finnell, who appeared at the recent meeting of the CPRB.  
We must focus on cancer preventionI wholeheartedly agree with Jeff Morris' letter, "We should target causes of cancer." We must focus on preventing cancer in the first place.  
Revealing records will solve problemYour July 8 editorial, "Big surprise! Reform plans go nowhere," complains California's Legislature has failed to pass any legislation to deal with the epidemic of bribe-taking and similar crimes in Sacramento.  
Justices are a disgraceThe July 6 article in the Times, "Analysis: Roberts court playing long game," is prophetic, and therein lies one of the biggest problems facing this country today.  
Terrorist questionsWhy should we bring a Muslim terrorist to the United States while, at the same time, spending much money to keep Muslim terrorists away from the United States?  
End oppression of PalestiniansFor years, Palestinians living in Israel have watched soldiers with bulldozers destroy their homes and olive groves so illegal Jewish settlements could be built on their ancestral land.  
Fascism: Not as distant as you may thinkI see in the Tri-Valley Times that the Bay Area News Group has published their Top 100 Workplaces for the Bay Area.  

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