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Not even a shred of a feasible strategyThis is a low point in Barack Obama's presidency.Lacking the spine to properly confront the same old bellowing, Obama cloaks wishful thinking in jingoism and strikes out on one more Christian crusade.  
Police body cameras reduce complaintsA police officer tells two teens to get out of the road. They don't -- and young, black "Big Mike" Brown is shot six times by a white police officer, Darren Wilson.  
A poll-based story basically was worthlessOn the front page of the Sept. 3 edition was a lower-right story headlined, "Majority of Californians favor allowing migrant kids to stay.  
Harbor Bay Club should be replacedI have read so many negative letters regarding the proposed new Harbor Bay Club that seem to be based on emotion and personal desires that I felt it time to write something myself.  
Putting Israel's acts into a local contextA letter from Mike Bloxham of Kensington, published, perhaps unfortunately, on 9/11, concerned an Israeli annexation of territory last month.  
Come to the Tuesday candidates forumAn opportunity to meet the District 4 school board candidates as well as the District 4 City Council candidates will be sponsored by the Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association and the Montclair Village Merchants Association from 6:30 to 8:30 p.  
Make PG&E pay by freezing their ratesThere is no appropriate action or fine that can equal the devastation of the San Bruno pipeline explosion.Unfortunately, the people responsible for this tragedy are long gone -- with the stolen funds that should have been used to make the pipeline safe.  
'Yes means yes' law will help the victimsThis responds to your article, "Campus sex assault: 'Yes means yes' bill clears California Legislature."The concept of "yes means yes" makes the defense of victims easier; they don't have to prove they clearly stated they did not want to have sex.  
PUC should be replaced for poor PG&E oversightI am not knowledgeable about the dollar amounts assessed in the San Bruno explosion that killed eight people and caused millions of dollars in damages.  
Must use your vote to oust incumbentsLafayette residents are fighting their elected officials to block further urban sprawl. The people of Richmond are in a protracted battle against their progressive (extremely socialist) City Council.  
News media again goes way overboard The news media, especially television, are like an addict with an insatiable need to promote drama, hysteria and the demonization of the police.  
Ferguson letter left out just a few factsMany opinions have been expressed concerning the recent shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Most comments are speculative and contain no factual information, creating public angst and racial divide.  
Oakland needs a competent mayorI realize that there are folks in town who believe that our current Mayor Jean Quan provides us with the best opportunity to make Oakland safer, more prosperous, with cleaner streets and an expanding economy benefiting everyone.  
Not buying PG&E's phony mea culpaPG&E CEO Tony Earley is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV ads telling us how wonderful and dedicated PG&E workers are and how "great they feel" when the power's turned back on.  
Run, Forrest, run, but please stop bicyclingThis is to the middle-aged dirt bike rider with the bright orange racing jersey and shiny new red bike who forced me off the Creek Trail at Holmes Street underpass Aug.  
Media must report on the HSR outrageGov. Jerry Brown continues to press forward with the high-speed rail project.We know the project is going to fewer areas and will cost eight times more than what we voted on.  
Action helps change views about ChevronFinally a reason to change my opinion about Chevron and its remodeling project.The 10-year agreement to fund Richmond public school graduates their college tuition will give Bay Area families newfound reason to relocate to the progressive city of Richmond --  
Keep emergency services at DMCI believe that Doctors Medical Center should stay open, even as a scaled-down emergency operation.Furthermore, I believe that DMC should stay open for more than just emergency services.  
Retiring DMC's debt critical to any solutionThe recent editorial regarding Doctors Medical Center rightly pointed out that DMC cannot be maintained as a full-service hospital.  
Buena Vista parking tickets were accidentOn Aug. 22, The Alameda Journal published the letter headlined "Surprise parking tickets a bad tactic."The letter writer understandably presumed Public Works had changed the street-sweeping hours, which led to a couple people getting parking citations -- a  
It's government that is biggest profiteerOn Aug. 11, Mario Flores wrote in the letters section that we should boycott oil companies for keeping the price of oil artificially high.  
Meters bad choice of revenue streamHave you noticed that the City of Oakland is in the process of installing 31 new parking meters along Moraga Avenue, adjacent to Montclair Park and the recreation center office?  
The 'ice bucket challenge' is a waste of waterSo the new trend now is to fill a bucket of water and ice, and dump it over your or someone else's head -- it's called the "ice bucket challenge.  
Nations should align for a far better worldWorld peace requires that nations align to create a sustainable global economy based on clean alternative energy, restore the environment, educate all children and reverse population growth.  
A disaster without DMC presenceThe Napa earthquake sent more than 200 people to hospitals.What if that quake had hit at 3 p.m. on a weekday in the area Doctors Medical Center serves -- Crockett to El Cerrito?  
Justice Department has poor track recordThe criminal section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, handling the investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri case, doesn't have a stellar record and shouldn't be involved.  
Hamas is to blame for civilian casualtiesIn his Aug. 20 letter, Curtis Manning makes several incorrect statements about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.  
T-Shirt League season a successThe inaugural season of the reborn Parks and Recreation Summer Baseball Program -- the T-Shirt League -- has just concluded, and it was successful beyond our wildest expectations.  
Bill needed to help mentally illRecent massacres and Robin Williams' death have put mental health on our radar, but treatment of people with severe mental illness won't improve without significant changes in the law.  
Pedestrian safety crucial for city staffMany residents in the Rockridge and Upper Rockridge neighborhoods along and near the Broadway corridor are expressing concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety.  

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