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Hospital's death spiral incurableThe situation with Doctors Medical Center has been going on for at least 20 years. The West Contra Costa Healthcare District gave up on trying to fix the death spiral in 1997.  
Do go ahead, Hillary 2016, make my dayAbout Hillary and her alleged 2016 run for the presidency, please do, and I will be the first to flood the state with "Benghazi" bumper stickers and pictures of Ambassador Stevens beings dragged naked through the streets while being burned with a cattle prod.  
Rehashing what was drivel first time aroundI think it's quite worthwhile to print a thoughtful, original letter from either a right, left or neutral party.  
Are we witnessing democracy's end?On April 2, the Supreme Court issued a disastrous decision.The McCutcheon vs. FEC decision struck down aggregate contribution limits for political spending.  
Must vote against Measure C taxDoctors Medical Center has been hemorrhaging money for years because, as with all hospitals, it is required by law to treat anyone who shows up at its emergency room.  
Sowell forgets important factsIn a recent column, Thomas Sowell once again trotted out that black unemployment during the 1940s was the lowest ever, to prove minimum-wage laws are irrelevant to job growth.  
Snake-waving pastor died due to religionThe Rev. Jamie Coots, pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church in Middleboro, Ky., literally believed this questionable teaching of Jesus: "In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and  
Tax code difficult to understandCould anyone say our tax system is fair?No single person can understand the tax code. Whole lives are devoted to writing difficult-to-comprehend tax sections devoted to the interest -- and gain -- of a few or to tax disfavored groups.  
Life was changed by drunken driverThe glory of prom and graduation celebrations are coming. Shimmering dresses, rented tuxedos, and a cap and gown come to mind.  
Hurt vet was rioting, not 'protesting'This is in regards to your article titled "War vet injured at protest wins $4.5M settlement." I am pretty close to canceling my subscription to your and any other Bay Area newspaper.  
Social leftist 'tolerance' goes on view againWhy was Michelle Quinn's column criticizing Brendan Eich on page one and not relegated to the opinion page?  
Impose a sales tax to save hospitalSan Pablo Lytton Casino and Kaiser Permanente donated $400,000 to support Measure C.Doctors Medical Center cares for many casino players who become drunk and depressed after losing there.  
Decision is a blow to our democracyThe Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom, has ushered in a new era of plutocratic control over America's democratic process.  
ACA working well despite warningsI thank John Briggs for his April 3 letter warning that Obamacare will soon destroy my Medicare Advantage.However, I'm not too worried.  
More insured is better for us allAn April 5 letter, "Repeal Obamacare, a pathetic failure," was a step in the right direction.It's author, Pete Laurence, never once mentioned Hitler, Nazis, Kenya, socialism, Marxism, anti-Christ, communism, or death camps for white people.  
Charges scapegoat PG&E after factCriminal penalties are warranted only if specific individuals are culpable.The National Transportation Safety Board forensic report found that both the pipe material and the weld that failed were defective when originally installed in 1956.  
Show pride when paying your taxesI know you love America -- just as I do. With all its faults, we have the best country in the world, and I'm willing to pay taxes to keep it that way.  
Big Bang myth of creation also pretty extremeScience is the way we understand the forces of nature as they exist today. But today's cosmic speculations and supposed successes in confirming them ("Cosmic Revelation," March 24) aren't science but simply flights of fantasy driven by faulty  
GOP tough talk on Russia is all sizzle, no steakAs usual, the talking heads of the right wing are going into hyperbole mode about Obama, saying he's in over his head with Putin and the Crimea situation.  
Political parties make a differenceAfter reading "Survey: Republicans gaining ground" in the Times, I'm shocked and disappointed so many disillusioned American voters are contemplating voting for Republican candidates.  
Paper too pessimistic about recent rainfallRegarding recent Times articles on the weather, your negative comments about the rain make me think you want the drought.  
Community must stop PG&E tree-cutting planI was stunned and horrified to read Joan Morris' column regarding PG&E's plan to cut down more than 1,000 trees in the Danville/Walnut Creek area.  
Affordable Care Act really does workA friend of mine is legally blind and his wife has stage 4 cancer; they have two children. They were paying $ 1,340 per month, with a $50 co-pay for medicine that she requires.  
Repeal Obamacare, a pathetic failureJudging by the rest of the nation already having had health insurance, 40 million getting their care from hospital emergency visits, and reports that Obamacare has caused 6 million already covered people to be dropped, to now have only 7 million sign up is a  
Good-faith critical to all negotiationsJeff Rubin's letter misrepresents Local 1230's Public Employees Relations Board complaint against Pinole.We filed "unfair labor practice" charges with PERB.  
Coverage out of touch with communitiesJennifer Modenessi's San Ramon Valley Times article described how Plan Bay Area (PBA) and MTC intends to shove hundreds of high-density housing units for low- to very-low-income residents into our communities.  
Walmart's bad record a long oneIn response to Livermore Residents for Responsible Growth's mailer dated March 6, Walmart negotiates and secures tax breaks to locate in your town, pay lower property taxes and pay lower corporate taxes.  
The U.S. has third choice in UkraineIn a recent Saturday Forum letter, Johnny Strawther said President Barack Obama has two choices concerning Ukraine: military force or sanctions.  
Reveal unreported deaths from taxesHaving read Ken Hambrick's March 23 insightful opinion piece, I demand an immediate investigation into the unreported deaths from taxes.  
Keystone pipeline not what we needThe Keystone XL pipeline is not what the United States or the world needs.A recent Cornell University study found the claims of 20,000 construction jobs and 119,000 other jobs being created are false, and the pipeline could actually cause job loss due to the  

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