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U.S. has historically been world's refugeThe United States has a long and storied history of refuge for the world's poor and oppressed struggling to escape the torments that threaten their lives.  
The best education starts in the homeThis is regarding your article on California's dismal school test results.If we want to get serious about raising the academic performance of California's students, let's focus our efforts where it will do the greatest good.  
Crisis real, but rent control not answerI hate reading the stories about extraordinary rent hikes and massive evictions in some of Alameda's larger buildings.  
Immigrants to the U.S. need job opportunitiesA friend of mine sent me a picture of a Native American telling a Pilgrim that current immigration policy would not allow the Pilgrims to come to America.  
Raiders needn't let door hit themSo, now the Oakland Raiders, after bilking taxpayers for $200 million and having the nerve to demand $400 million more, have signed on the powerhouse CEO of Walt Disney to help them move to L.  
The status quo what's extreme, not The DonaldDonald Trump's talk about illegal immigrants from Mexico seems to be upsetting even the legal immigrants from Mexico.  
Illegal sideshows a form of 'terrorism'The Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris truly saddened me: a bad start to my weekend thinking about the evil in the world trying to destroy others' freedom and happiness.  
Assessment alone is not good for schoolsThe Obama administration is urging schools to reduce standardized testing. Teachers welcome the change. Children are tested to an extent unprecedented in history and unparalleled anywhere in the world.  
We should celebrate Thanksgiving firstAs an Italian youth in San Francisco, Thanksgiving was a time of fantastic food, family and a sense of euphoric good cheer.  
Should kill our 'war on drugs' industriesThe people are ready to legalize recreational marijuana.The question is whether our "war on drugs" industry proponents are ready.  
Public now sees the extreme media slantThis is in response to Jerry Blair's letter, "GOP candidates whining babies." I disagree that the candidates' bristling at the media's questions is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.  
Cutting Central's traffic a good thingI support the traffic calming scheme that will reduce four lanes of traffic on Central Avenue between Main Street and Sherman Avenue to two through lanes, add a central lane for turning and two lanes for bicyclists.  
How will residents of Richmond fare?This is in response to your Nov. 13 article, "After years of shortfalls, is Port of Richmond entering new era?" What would a new era for the Port of Richmond look like?  
Raiders and Niners should share stadiumThe Raiders and Chargers want to share a new billion dollar stadium in Carson, wherever that is. The two New York teams share a stadium in New Jersey.  
Wasting water in a drought is unconscionableIt is difficult to read of homeowners using 7,000, 8,000 or 9,000 gallons of water a day. How can they not understand what a drought is?  
Are various reasons for 'dismal' scores I agree with your article that California's student scores are dismal. No disagreement there.Manny Rivera commented that "California's broken education system continues to fail our kids.  
Not only residents are wasting waterThis paper reported on the big water wasters and it appears Diablo and Blackhawk water users are the worst. However, they're not the only major water wasters.  
Thomas Sowell has a very poor memorySo Thomas Sowell thinks, "the government of Moammar Gadhafi ... was no threat to America's interests."Doesn't Sowell remember President Ronald Reagan?  
Campaign season clearly in full swingPolitics is in the air. Debates are frequent. Some of us cannot get enough of the discussions and interactions.But Hillary Clinton would certainly look like the biggest train coming down the tracks at this point.  
Antique Faire traffic fixes long-overdueIs the council aware of the humongous backup that occurs on the first Sunday of every month due to the Antiques Faire at Alameda Point?  
GOP candidates whining sissiesWhat a bunch of cry babies! Who knew, when the GOP rounded up its usual suspects, that they would turn out to be a bunch of whining sissies.  
We must all do part to prepare for firesAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's why California Fire Safe Councils and Pacific Gas and Electric Co.  
European refugee crisis not our affairSometimes, the resume of an opinion piece's author is in opposite proportion to his common-sense quotient.I'm referring to Franklin Burroughs' piece, "U.  
Girl removed from desk got right responseThe girl who was forcibly ejected from the classroom deserved every bit of it. She was disrupting the class, which means other kids were deprived of class time; she refused to cooperate with her teacher and a supervisor; and she fought against the officer  
Using fines for water use is not effectiveIt is our fourth year of drought and the East Bay Municipal Utility District continues to implement additional tactics such as publishing the names and addresses of excessive water users in the district per the request of news agencies.  
Hillary Clinton lied at Benghazi hearingPresidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was praised by the media for her composure during the Benghazi hearing, while the committee members bickered.  
Rep. Paul Ryan just more of the sameIs Paul Ryan the right person for Speaker of the House? That depends upon your perspective and desires.If you believe a continuation of "Boehnerism" is right for our country, then, yes.  
Faith is required by evolutionists, tooThis responds to Mike Levine's letter, "Faith is belief without evidence," in which he asserts that Charles Darwin is correct because the evidence is overwhelming, and that the biblical record cannot be true because the evidence doesn't support it.  
Reduced testing only helps political agendasPresident Barack Obama has demanded standardized testing in schools be reduced to 2 percent of the school year.  
Club's private ownerscan do as they wishI am writing regarding the City Council's special meeting held Oct. 7 concerning the request to adopt an advisory motion regarding the General Plan and zoning designations for the existing Harbor Bay Club.  

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