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Negative stance on building dismayingI live in downtown Walnut Creek and commute by bicycle 4 miles to my job in Shadelands Business Park.I choose to work and live in Walnut Creek because of the proximity to open space and the regional trail network, as well as shopping and health care accessible  
Consider a new way to deliver our energyCommunity Choice Aggregation is a new model that empowers governments to pool electricity customers to form a local power agency instead of buying energy from a corporate utility monopoly such as PG&E.  
The biggest wasters should be the target California needs to take further steps to conserve water use. However, the focus needs to shift to industry, commercial buildings and infrastructure, as opposed to oppressively mandating residential restrictions.  
Solutions for distracted drivingThere are many tough sanctions and fines for drunken driving. Yet, if someone is texting while driving, the fine's only about $150.  
Impacts of Delta smelt's demiseRegarding the loss of the Delta smelt and its impact on California's water supply, not enough emphasis was given to the fact that this is symptomatic of reduction in fish populations in general.  
Project was good for developers onlyThe new Shoreline bike lane cost $1 million. The bike lane is two miles long, so it cost $500,000 per mile. I was thinking that a union crew would at least be getting hired and perhaps some Alameda building-trade people getting some money in their pocket.  
Ritzy condos bad for OaklandersOn Tuesday, the Oakland City Council with decide what kind of city Oakland becomes. They will vote on the sale of the East 12th Street Parcel to UrbanCore, a developer whose luxury condo proposal will serve only those who can afford monthly rent of $3,150.  
New child health bill would save many livesJim Driggers' excellent letter on the importance of helping the poor, not only in the United States but worldwide, couldn't be more timely.  
Pending trade deal is another raw one for U.S.None of the protections in the fast track bill are enforceable. Fast tracking handcuffs Congress by not allowing amendments.  
Dismantling ACA one cut at a timeDoesn't anyone else recognize the "dead" rising from the grave when conservative pundits begin espousing how wonderful health reform may become in 2017?  
Cannot forget 'Iraqi lives matter' as wellOn April 13, sentencing for the Blackwater defendants was announced. All four defendants were given lengthy prison terms for their collective role in the killing of 14 Iraqi citizens in 2007.  
Such big decisions should be overseenNo politician should be allowed to make decisions involving the entire nation without oversight.President Barack Obama is not capable of making decisions of this magnitude without the help of his advisers.  
Fireplace proposals draconian, costlyThe Bay Area Air Quality Management District is now proposing the draconian measure of not only eliminating fireplaces in newly built homes but mandates that homeowners purchase natural gas fireplace inserts before they can sell their existing property.  
Vaccinations have improved our livesYears ago, before the vaccinations available today, things were a lot different.The 1917-1920 flu epidemic meant many thousands of deaths in the United States; 50 million deaths worldwide.  
Alameda's Site A plan should move forwardWe represent some of the larger employers currently operating in Alameda. One of the many attributes that attracted us to locate on the Island is the promise of desirable housing and recreation for our employees -- an attractive environment for jobs.  
Where's road repair money being spent?Out of serious concern for the safety of the driving public in Oakland I discussed the pothole problems generally with Council District 2 staff member Jennie Gerard and specifically the extremely dangerous potholes along the entire 200 block of Wayne Avenue,  
Genocide must not be forgottenThe present chaos in the Middle East will recall the phrase, "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it."In 1930, Franz Werfel, an Austrian Jew, wrote of the slaughter of 1.  
Limit growth by water supply that's availableRichard Purdee's plea is right on. We must have a moratorium on development until the drought ends.The cost of water soars as we enter what will doubtless be the most severe summer yet in our four-year drought.  
GOP backtracks on absurd Indiana lawFor citizens paying attention, the Republicans finally did something so wrong-headed the rest of the Republicans noticed.  
U.S. must not delay its exit from AfghanistanPresident Barack Obama is wrong to delay withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. Withdrawal's already years late.  
Use money from PG&E to install needed valvesI do believe the $1.6 billion penalty imposed on PG&E for the San Bruno explosion and fire is fair.  
Now, we are imaging left-wing conspiracyIn his letter, "The facts obviously are not important," Hal Bray stated, "the narrative is what's important to the left.  
Letter condemning Catholicism unfairIn her quest to condemn Catholicism in Central and South America, Marilynne Mellander, in her recent letter, somewhat erroneously cited two Morningstar News articles to prove her belief.  
Save planet Earth -- quit animal productsThe new water-saving regulations are a proverbial drop in the bucket compared to the water that can be saved through changing our food choices.  
Developing old base a worthy endeavorAfter decades of public debate on the future of Alameda Point and a laudable community planning process, Alameda is finally in the late stages of negotiating the specifics of the first portion of the community plan for Site A on the old naval air station.  
Framework on Iran deal is a good startKudos to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for successfully working out a framework on the nuclear agreement with Iran.  
Give Congress a piece of your mind on taxesApril 15 just arrived again -- time to send our money to Washington. We'd like to think the federal government is carefully collecting and spending our taxes.  
Analysis of Iran deal contained no facts On April 6, following progress toward agreement with Iran, you printed an Associated Press story titled, "Analysis: Nuke pact not all good.  
Questions claims made by GlazerSteven Glazer is no environmentalist; I did some research.He's an experienced pitchman who can help a developer distort a land grab, labeling it "creating open space.  
Water rationing a Band-Aid solutionI don't agree with Gov. Jerry Brown's mandatory water rationing.This is the fourth year we're in a severe drought, and we must find a permanent solution.  

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