Community must stop PG&E tree-cutting plan

I was stunned and horrified to read Joan Morris' column regarding PG&E's plan to cut down more than 1,000 trees in the Danville/Walnut Creek area.

How is it even possible that any company would have the power to so radically change our environment without our say so?

I am still sickened, when driving along Interstate 680, by the loss of dozens of 100-year-old trees that were cut down on both sides of the freeway in Danville. The trees in our beautiful community are part of the reason we choose to live here and it is alarming to think that something like this could happen without our knowledge.

I read the Times every day and yet had no idea PG&E had proposed this plan or that they don't have to have anyone's permission to cut down the trees.

We need to band together as a community and stop this insanity!

Becky J. Wittmer


Richmond merits praise, not scorn

I am proud that Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and our City Council continue to develop creative approaches to deal with issues concerning the health and well-being of Richmond residents.

That includes decreasing obesity by taxing sugary drinks; exploring innovative ways to keep people with underwater mortgages in their homes; and, most recently, proposing to increase the minimum wage.

Thus, I was offended by the March 26 Times editorial, which, in essence, told the city of Richmond to sit down and be quiet.

I challenge the editorial's author, and anyone else, to come live in the real world and see what happens when you try to live on $12.30 per hour. I promise that you will be mightily educated and humbled.

Diane Reed


Again, Sowell fails to present the facts

A recent Thomas Sowell column, "GOP factions' infighting hinders conservative cause," is a great example of why there is so much infighting inside his party.

As usual, Sowell's theme was that President Barack Obama has a lawless administration and Obamacare is doing irreparable harm to our nation's future.

Just like his tea party brethren, Sowell failed to give one example of laws the president has broken. If Obamacare is so terrible, we must get rid of it to save our country and we must also discontinue Medicare, Social Security and all other government programs that are currently destroying our country.

There is a simple way for the Republican Party to stop their infighting. They should require each faction to present facts to back up their positions.

Sowell's weekly emotional gobbledygook adds nothing to the national debate on important issues. Surely, the Times can find conservative columnists who would include facts to back up their statements.

This column is another example of why Sowell does not do interviews.

Tony Daniels


Balance comes from a variety of views

This is in response to Bruce Sharkey's letter, "Krauthammer's far-right views."

We need Charles Krauthammer's views in order to be balanced. Without two sides of the discussion on all social issues, we are not a democracy.

Although we live in a blue state and a blue nation, that shouldn't be the only side we hear from. We need to hear balanced information and our news media isn't giving it to us.

Our Founding Fathers envisioned a new nation to be free from England. Krauthammer's thoughts are trying to keep us all free; that includes freedom from the dominant Democrats. If we don't keep Republican and Democrats awake, where is the balance going to come from?

We should never hear just one side of any issue. If only the majority has a voice, in what direction would our nation go? We don't want kings and queens. We want balance.

Carla Biermann