Roadshow: Traffic signals don't always ease speeding on city streets

Studies show that signals are not effective traffic-calming devices and will not prevent speeding or other dangerous behavior. In fact, when faced with an improperly implemented signal, drivers tend to speed up between lights. 
Motorcycle lane-splitting may become legal in California

AB 51 now heads to the state Senate for a final vote. 
Will auto dealers become an endangered species?

It's been the best of times for auto dealers since the recession. Those that survived picked up business from those that didn't. They reorganized their operations to be leaner and more efficient. Auto sales soared 59 percent to 16.5 million last year from the 2010 low point.  
Roadshow live chat, May 20 at noon

Gary Richards will field questions about roads and driving, Wednesday from noon-1 p.m. 
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Review: Puzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario. Bros. Edition

Of the two classic games now offered together on a mobile format, 'Puzzle & Dragons Z' is the stronger, with an addictive hook that will keep players busy for long car rides or waits at the airport. 
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Lindsay Lohan is finally off probation

'Mean Girls’ actress finished community service hours in a rush of work in recent weeks.