Questions linger about Prop. 13, lottery revenues

How many now own the homes they owned 35 years ago? (Many of these are retired or close to retirement). Why is this number causing a tax loss, when there have been millions of homes built or resold (with non-discounted tax) in the last 35 years?

And about school taxes, what happened to the expected millions from the lotteries?

Chuck Veith


Parents drive like lunatics at school drop-off

We wonder why some of our young people are such horrible drivers. A lot of their bad driving skills are learned from their parents.

When walking in the morning in San Ramon I see the majority of parents with their young children in their cars speeding through neighborhoods, rolling through stop signs, rarely stopping for pedestrians and not being attentive to other young children in parking lots, streets or sidewalks.

I have almost been hit in crosswalks and school parking lots by parents in a hurry to drop off their children so they can rush to work. Many times at Pine Valley's parking lot some drivers' SUVs and cars stop to let their children off while others are hurrying in to drop off their young ones. I have almost been hit by the ones speeding in when I try to come out from the cars stopped.

If you want to keep your children safe don't allow them to walk or ride their bikes to school. There are too many dangerous parent drivers in the morning. Just walk before school starts around Davona and watch them speed down Milo or Sedgefield up to Cabrillo/Pine Valley. They have learned to maneuver the streets and they break the speed limits doing it.

Laura Latt

San Ramon

Ads taking over the newspaper

Is it just me or is the "news" part of the daily newspaper shrinking?

I have been a paid subscriber of the San Ramon Times for more than 25 years now. Over the years, but more noticeably recently, all the ads are taking over the newspaper. Really? That's not the reason I subscribe. In fact I don't even look at ads. Everyone keeps asking me why I still have newspaper home delivery when I can just read it online? Hhhuumm, I'm now questioning that myself.

Maureen Senoff

San Ramon

Believe it or not, Scripture backs abortion

Anna Koepke's Dec. 2 letter ignores something. Jesus Christ was an abortion provider: in casting out "devils" from the woman, Christ exemplified that duress of the woman must be given precedence over other concerns.

Christ claimed that he came not to change the Law. We may conclude that he disapproves idolatry of fertilized eggs and false witness that fetal tissue is a "baby," since these instructions derive from the Ten Commandments. The purpose of Romans 9:11-12 is to preach salvation by faith in God rather than by good deeds.

Our First Amendment prohibits imposition of abortion upon women who see Scripture as Koepke does. It equally prohibits lack of access for women due to those who see the Bible differently; for the 20 percent of Americans whose religion is atheism or agnosticism; for Muslims, whom Mohammad enjoined to have their abortions within the first four months of pregnancy, or to anyone else.

Diane Carpenter


Symphonic Band concerts need attendees

We really, really enjoyed the last Symphonic Band Concert at the San Ramon Performing Arts Center. From the "Star Spangled Banner" to Sousa marches, it was a smashing evening.

However, the size of the audience was disappointingly small. The next concert, Horns for the Holidays on Friday, promises to be a fun evening! So come on out, have a great time and support your own all-volunteer San Ramon Symphonic Band. Just do it!

Donald Wilfong

San Ramon

Obamaniacs march onward like lemmings

The mindless gullibility of people snookered by the UNaffordable Care Act ("Obamacare") is splendidly displayed by a Nov. 28 letter in which the writer witlessly glorifies the plan with various laughably fallacious reason "Affordable" doesn't just mean dollars and cents.

Millions of people don't understand that the United States cannot "afford" to have a presidential administration whose cunningly mendacious leader has unqualifiedly stated he is trying to fundamentally change this country forever. Anyone who hasn't been in a cave for the past five years or even has a smidgen of gray matter between the ears has witnessed the savaging and purposeful annihilation of the values, traditions, principles and attacks on the solid foundation that is the bedrock of the greatest nation in world history,

Our esteemed senators and representatives in Washington, Republican and Democrat, have pusillanimously been beguiled by the poisonous serpent in the Oval Office and, to coin a phrase, have sold us down the river. And millions of moronic "believers" unquestionably follow.

Lanny Middings

San Ramon