Actor Ian McKellen says he's been advised by the British government not to go to Russia because of the country's anti-gay "propaganda" law.

What are they going to do to him -- send a dragon to arrest him? He's Gandalf. If they want to pass an anti-gay law, he can simply tell them they shall not pass it.

Nevertheless, the 74-year-old "Hobbit" actor told Radio Times magazine that the Foreign Office told him "they couldn't protect me from those laws."

Sauron must have fled to Moscow.

Sorry. I'm showing off for my nerd friends.

The openly gay actor expressed disbelief this could be the case "in the land of Tchaikovsky, Diaghilev, Rudolf Nureyev -- gay artists whose sexuality informed their work."

According to the Associated Press, Russia has banned "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" aimed at anyone under 18. Penalties include fines and jail.

Why would that affect McKellen? He probably has shoes older than 18.

Anyway, the AP reported that the Foreign Office said Tuesday that prospective travelers should decide whether to visit Russia based on its official advice, which notes "a degree of intolerance" of homosexuality in Russia.

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