Filmmakers who screen their hopefuls for Oscar voters are usually looking to lock up key votes.

For Martin Scorsese, it wound up getting him heckled.

According to The Wrap and Huffington Post, among other sources, Scorsese screened his hard-R rated, nearly 3-hour film "The Wolf of Wall Street" for Oscar voters recently, and not everyone in the audience was happy with he film's drug and sex scenes.

The Wrap says 75-year-old actress Hope Holiday, who was at the screening, posted on her Facebook page that Scorsese was heckled by an unnamed screenwriter after the film was over. "Shame on you" and "disgusting" were some of the terms uttered by the screenwriter, Holiday said. The actress said she also did not care for the film, calling it "three hours of torture." She said others in attendance made it clear they were put off by the film, as well.

Holiday appeared in the Billy Wilder films "The Apartment" and "Irma la Douce."

"The Wolf of Wall Street" is still considered an Oscar contender for Scorsese, and many predict Leonardo DiCaprio will get a nomination for best actor.