Lamar Odom's drug dealers could be linked to the $250,000 jewelry heist at Odom and Khloe Kardashian's house, according to TMZ, which reported the dealers threatened to break in to get the money Odom owed them.

This may cause a kink in Odom's grand plan to get his estranged wife back.

Multiple sources reportedly involved in the former NBA star's drug deals last year told the website Odom owed one dealer more than $40,000, and another $15,000.

Odom allegedly told them he had plenty of money and would eventually pay them. He took off to play pro basketball in Spain last month, apparently without settling up.

TMZ also reported that Odom has received threatening text messages, warning that they would break into the house -- which is currently vacant and being sold -- to get even.

Kardashian reportedly discovered the jewelry was missing when she and her mother, Kris Jenner, went to retrieve some of her belongings last weekend.

TMZ reported that police don't know who stole the loot and that the home didn't show signs of forced entry. A source reportedly told the website that one of the dealers is connected to someone who works for the family and had lawful access to the house.

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