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Do you think stricter gun laws would help prevent mass shootings?

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Contra Costa Times editorial: Microbead ban needs Jerry Brown's signature

The colorful, tiny pieces of plastic that make cosmetics more pleasing to the eye look just like fish eggs to aquatic organisms and threaten the San Francisco Bay ecosystem 
If, as expected, Kevin McCarthy is chosen to succeed John Boehner as speaker of the House of Representatives, it should be good news for McCarthy's home state of California.  
Steve Heminger, executive director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, runs his agency like his personal fiefdom. Now he wants to take key staff from the Association of Bay Area Governments, gutting it of its employees responsible for land-use and housing planning, and weaken the agency's financial underpinnings.  
Daniel Borenstein: Too much blood of bicyclists has been spilled on Mount Diablo

If California parks officials don't move quickly, there will be more. From 2010-14, there were at least 20 collisions in which cars on the wrong side of the road hit cyclists. Two badly injured riders in similar recent accidents describe what happened.  
Oct. 5 letters to the editor

Protect the rights of Hacienda residentsThis is about your Sept. 27 article "Richmond: Slow going in plan to relocate residents."It's appalling that Hacienda complex residents continue to wait for the opportunity to move out of public housing deemed uninhabitable over a year ago. 
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Robin Abcarian: Is Junipero Serra's sainthood a mixed blessing for Carmel-by-the-Sea?

CARMEL -- The first act of vandalism occurred at the north end of town, on the day Pope Francis canonized Father Junipero Serra. The weekly Carmel Pine Cone reported that someone had poured black paint on a statue of Serra, and that a neighbor had cleaned it up within hours. 
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