Talk Back: Obama's speech
Do you approve of President Obama's new strategy to combat ISIS?

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Contra Costa Times editorial: Trublood, Hoffmeister and Grayson for Concord City Council

The council faces great opportunities with the development of the Concord Naval Weapons Station and tremendous challenges balancing the municipal budget. On those issues, teacher Brent Trublood and incumbents Laura Hoffmeister and Tim Grayson rise above the pack. 
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November 2014 election recommendations from the Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune editorial board

Click here to view the full list of editorials on candidates and measures in key races on the November 2014 ballot. 
Tri-Valley letters: Poll-based story on immigration basically was worthless

A poll-based story basically was worthlessOn the front page of the Sept. 3 edition was a lower-right story headlined, "Majority of Californians favor allowing migrant kids to stay. 
Alameda My Word: AMP working to reduce Island's carbon footprint

Because of the utility's early investment in renewable energy, Alameda Municipal Power now has the opportunity to do more to decrease our community's energy use, increase our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help our neighbors do the same -- without raising rates. 
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Esther Cepeda: The NFL's female fan base

What do pedicures and sparkly flip-flops have to do with Ray Rice's ouster from football?Everything.Most observers credit the latest leaked video of Rice punching out then-fiancee Janay Palmer for his new punishment. 
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