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Do you support a $2 a pack increase in the state's cigarette tax?

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Contra Costa Times editorial: Time for President Obama to provide the Port Chicago 50 the justice they deserved

It's time. Indeed, it's long past time for the nation to acknowledge the travesty, the racism to be more precise, of prosecuting 50 African-American sailors for mutiny after they refused to return to work following the horrific World War II explosion at Port Chicago. 
Daniel Borenstein: Public pension-spiking Bay Area fire chief faces big cut in $241,000-a-year payout

When Peter Nowicki retired in 2009, the then-50-year-old chief of the tiny Moraga Orinda Fire District made national news by trading his $194,000 salary for a starting pension of $241,000 a year. The pension board will consider rolling that back 25 percent. 
(Clay Bennett)
Sept. 4 letters to the editor

It was not EPA that created toxic spillThe misrepresentations in Keith McConnell's letter, "EPA hypocrisy over toxic spill," are appalling. How's the Environmental Protection Agency responsible? 
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Six Flags building The Joker roller coaster

How do you turn the eccentric personality of a comic-book villain into an extreme roller coaster? With 3,200 feet of purple and green track, a Zero G barrel roll, three inversions, 15 airtime moments -- and a 'step-up, under-flip inverted roll' that will result in riders going horizontal.