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Contra Costa Times editorial: Wieskamp and Burgis best picks for EBRPD board

With two board seats up on the Nov. 4 ballot, we endorse candidates for the East Bay Regional Park District board who will continue the excellent management of this recreational jewel.  
Reacting to Bay Area News Group reporter Karen de Sá's alarming report on the degree to which foster children are being prescribed powerful drugs to control behavior, Sen. Ted Lieu has prompted the state medical board to investigate.  
The fading of America's middle class into a society of super-wealth and near to abject poverty is more than a tragedy. It is a disaster for the economy we've built over the past century. Today's super-rich, or even the comfortably well off, may not see it that way, but they should.  
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November 2014 election recommendations from the Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune editorial board

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Cartoons: Rick Perry

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Sept. 1 Letters to the editor

A disaster without DMC presenceThe Napa earthquake sent more than 200 people to hospitals.What if that quake had hit at 3 p.m. on a weekday in the area Doctors Medical Center serves -- Crockett to El Cerrito? 
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You've probably never heard of Claudette Colvin. And yet, had history twisted in a slightly different direction, she might loom as large in American memory as Rosa Parks does now while Parks herself would be a little-remembered seamstress. 
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