Talk Back: PG&E tax break
Should PG&E be able to write off its $1.6 billion fine for the San Bruno fire as a tax deduction?

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Contra Costa Times editorial: Boston made a smart decision on Olympics bid

The reaction of the Boston populace after their marathon was bombed taught us the meaning of the term "Boston Strong." Now, locals in that northeastern metropolis are teaching us what is means to be "Boston Smart. 
The potential destruction without clear justification and oversight should be challenged by city leaders, environmentalists and the state Public Utilities Commission. PG&E could not provide comprehensive data on the number of trees cut down so far or slated for removal. But its selective numbers for 14 Bay Area cities shows it's considering removing more than 6,000 trees there.  
California lawmakers should empower firefighters to destroy drones in fire zones and should increase fines for owners who deploy their toys irresponsibly  
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November 2014 election recommendations from the Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune editorial board

Click here to view the full list of editorials on candidates and measures in key races on the November 2014 ballot. 
July 30 letters to the editor

Death penalty vote needs proper airing District Attorney Mark Peterson's effort (in his July 19 opinion piece) to further the debate over California's death penalty is welcome, particularly in light of a pending opportunity to vote on the issue. 
My Word: Celebrating Medicare's 50th by ensuring Medicare for all

Fifty years ago Thursday, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law an amendment to the Social Security Act that established Medicare, providing health insurance to people 65 and older regardless of income or medical history, and dramatically changed the landscape of senior health care for the 
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Want modern grange? Try Shed in Healdsburg

So much more than an award-winning cafe, Shed is an ode to local farming -- a market, flower shop, coffee bar, fermentation bar, garden shop and community gathering space and more. 
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Is Ben Affleck dating kids' nanny?

The actor's reps deny a report that he started to get close with his kids' 28-year-old nanny during his separation from Jennifer Garner.