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Contra Costa Times editorial: PUC response to continuing scandal pathetic

The California Public Utilities Commission is a regulatory circus, a parody of government run amok. Its clueless maneuvers Monday to deal with commissioners' misconduct were an insult to the public its supposed to serve. 
The person elected treasurer of California effectively acts as the state's banker and has substantial influence over management of its enormous financial assets and, in many ways, can be considered its asset manager.  
City leaders must continue tightly controlling spending to avoid another financial crisis. That's why we endorse school board Trustee Diane Gibson-Gray and real estate agent Lori Ogorchock for City Council in the Nov. 4 election. They understand, and talk honestly about, the need for fiscal restraint  
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November 2014 election recommendations from the Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune editorial board

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Sept. 17 letters to the editor

Make PG&E pay by freezing their ratesThere is no appropriate action or fine that can equal the devastation of the San Bruno pipeline explosion.Unfortunately, the people responsible for this tragedy are long gone -- with the stolen funds that should have been used to make the pipeline safe. 
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