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Contra Costa Times editorial: Fasten seat belts Greece wild ride about to begin

The Greek government on Tuesday managed, yet again, to disappoint the ministers of the eurozone. That is hardly news since nearly everything Greece does disappoints those leaders, but this time it was more frustrating than usual. 
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November 2014 election recommendations from the Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune editorial board

Click here to view the full list of editorials on candidates and measures in key races on the November 2014 ballot. 
Tri-Valley letters

Loss of jobs is Baltimore's real problemTo blame Baltimore's problems on failed Democratic policies is myopic and misguided. While my hometown has been on life support for years, blame not the doctor's treatment instead of the root cause of the disease, lack of economic opportunity. 
My Word: Legislature again passed responsible budget on time

Last month, my colleagues and I in the Legislature approved a fifth consecutive on-time, balanced and fiscally responsible budget for California. It's one of the most promising and prudent budgets in over a decade, reflecting our core Democratic values by investing $115. 
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Review: El Cerrito's Taste of Ethiopia definitely worth a visit

With its super fresh vegetarian and meat dishes, Ethiopian coffee and authentic, hard-to-find touches, this new Ethiopian restaurant is worth a visit. 
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Paula Deen tweets photo of son in brownface

Former Food Network star reveals racial insensitivity again with “I Love Lucy” post that ignites social media backlash.