Talk Back: California drought
Do you think California has done enough to address current drought conditions?

(Tell us why or why not?)
Contra Costa Times editorial: Gov. Brown doesn't understand the dangers of drones

California needs to pour cold water on the idiots flying drones so close to California wildfires that they threaten lives and drive away aircraft trying to put out the blazes. 
Daniel Borenstein: Latest Chuck Reed pension initiatives address attorney general's past concerns

Two possible measures to contain retirement costs do not affect current public employees' "vested rights." 
Oct. 13 Letters to the editor

Bipartisan action on climate change?On Sept. 17, something big happened. No seismic jolt or ultimate tipping point, but the opener for bipartisan action on climate change we have been waiting for. 
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Using borax to kill ants

Borax and boric acid are effective in pest control, but should be used cautiously around pets and children. 
(Vermont State Police via AP, File)
Randy Quaid back in American jail

The “Independence Day” actor and wife spent five years in Canada, after fleeing American authorities.