Calculate your way to an easier life

There's a reason 'do the math' has all but disappeared from popular culture -- with online calculators, who needs to do the math? 
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Apple's latest iPhones begin shipping later this month, a move bound to inspire many fans of the popular smartphone to ditch their current models in favor of the bigger, sleeker iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Here are some ways to cash in on that soon-to-be mobile relic.
In spite of my skepticism regarding the ability of new regulations to avert another financial meltdown, I have to admit that we seem to be making progress.  
Even though it's still summer and Christmas is more than three months away, retailers -- worried by dismal second-quarter earnings and desperate to attract shoppers -- are gearing up for a holiday season expected to feature bigger and better promotions and sales than last year  
Palo Alto startup Deliv is teaming up with Macy's and Bloomingdale's to test same-day delivery for products purchased on their websites, parent company Macy's announced Monday.  
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Maybe there is such a thing as too many breadsticks. In a nearly 300-page treatise on what's wrong with Olive Garden and its management, investor Starboard Value suggests the Italian restaurant chain is being reckless with its unlimited breadsticks.