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    Retirement Planner: Managed payout funds in spotlight

    There's an alternative to the managed payout funds that are back in the news as the major mutual fund companies struggle to provide retirees with stable income in retirement while preserving assets and protecting against inflation.
    Restaurants, gas stations, hotels and other tourism businesses should have a profitable Labor Day weekend, as U.S. travelers are expected to spend an estimated $13.5 billion during the end-of-summer holiday, a 2 percent increase over the previous Labor Day weekend.
    A San Francisco company that makes an eggless mayonnaise alternative has the U.S. egg industry scrambling.  
    After nine years of scrutiny, the Danville Hotel is nearly fully leased and 400 people are on a waiting list for the attached 1,000-square-feet condos that have hit the million-dollar mark.  
    (Ed Crisostomo/The Orange County Register via AP)
    'Star Wars' BB-8 droid is an instant hit

    'Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ merchandise unveiling has fans waiting in line outside stores.