Toward the end of school, third-grade students from Strandwood Elementary School conducted a mock City Council meeting at Pleasant Hill City Hall, hosted by Mayor Michael Harris.

The 100 students converged on the council chamber where student Mayor Marshall Miclea presided over the proceedings as the five council members, assisted by their staff, heard testimony from members of the Strandwood community about issues ranging from food at school to field trips.

The council included Annika Altman, Emi Szakats, Doug Lingenfelter and Isabel Gutierrez, and city department heads were City Manager Sompors Virak, City Clerk Jordon Segall, City Attorney Catelyn Johnson, Police Chief Trevor Lau, Public Works Director Klaryssa Medina, Finance Director Tyler Martin, and Public Information Officer Olivia Louthan.

The council considered agenda items and heard arguments for and against.

  • Stephanie Wilson's class discussed, "Should Strandwood allow a snack shack for younger grades?" Speaking in favor were Grace Barnacal and Alexandra Coeshott. Speaking against were Alexis Nguyen and Lindsay Reed.

  • Randi Bittner's class discussed "Should Strandwood serve better food in the cafeteria?" Mikayla Alexander and Alex Pope spoke in favor, while Josh Nachand and Sabrina Mattos dissented.

  • Keri Guncheon's class discussed "Should Strandwood add more field trips to third grade?" Speaking for were Katherine Erb and Lauren Stone, and speaking against were Kieran McCaig and Maddy Wilson.


    Harris noted seeing many future leaders among the third-graders.