Talk Back: Preschool
Do you believe the state should implement universal preschool?

(Tell us why or why not?)
GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari attacks affirmative action

Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari talked to Cal students about affirmative action, education funding, job creation, climate change and more on Wednesday. 
Failure of Warriors' waterfront arena the latest in a long line of bay development defeats
Since the 1970s, environmental opposition has made it nearly impossible for any major project that would fill or block San Francisco Bay to win approval 

San Jose fire 911 response times getting worse, fixes sought
Already heavily fined for consistently showing up late to 911 medical calls, the San Jose Fire Department said Wednesday that its response times for other types of emergencies are also too slow -- and that the problem is growing. 

May 6 voting deadline looms for school parcel tax election
Acalanes High School district and Lafayette School District measures could cost some property owners up to $651 in additional taxes per year 

George Clooney and Steve Wynn get into spat over politics
Las Vegas mogul criticizes President Obama, causing Clooney to storm away from dinner. 

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Congress is using Twitter, but which party is most active?

Your representative in the House is almost certainly on Twitter. Your senator definitely is. But how are they using the social network? Full Story
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Teens: How to thrive despite ADHD

Many teenagers diagnosed with ADHD take medication yet still feel isolated and left to their own devices to figure out how to survive and thrive, particularly in high school, with its added academic and social rigors. We speak to teens, experts, and parents about the resources available, including a new book by a UCSF psychology professor and a free guide by an Alameda teenager with ADHD.