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    San Francisco: Gay Pride parade turns into celebration on an epic scale

    The Pride parade came into existence 43 years ago as a reaction to the Stonewall incident, during which New York cops beat up several drag queens in a gay bar. This year's event took its marching orders from a slightly more exalted law enforcement entity -- the U.S. Supreme Court. 
    Piedmont BSA council applauds lifting of gay ban
    "Leaders of the local council have long been in the forefront of the Scouting movement in advocating removal of restrictions based on sexual orientation," said Anne-Marie Lamarche, president of Piedmont's Boy Scout Council. "Years before laws and lawsuits came on the scene, we called for making Scouting's character development programs available to and inclusive of all who aspire to live by the moral principles of the Scout oath and Scout law. With our board's unanimous approval I wrote to the national BSA leadership in advance of the recent vote to register our strong support for removal of restrictions on chartering organizations from having their units bar adults or youth on the basis of sexual orientation." 

    Wal-Mart accused of same-sex bias in class-action lawsuit
    A Massachusetts woman filed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday accusing Wal-Mart of wrongly denying employee benefits for same-sex spouses.  

    Guest commentary: Finally, gay couples will have an equal standing in society
    I was awakened on the morning June 26 by the sound of a text message. It was from my 23-year-old daughter who, after finishing graduate school, decided to travel around Europe. 

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    Review: 'Lost Dimension' finds ways to get you hooked.

    With a story line that combines elements of 'Survivor' and 'Hunger Games' and some challenging and creative gameplay, 'Lost Dimension' is contrived but highly entertaining