Vallejo school district officials say not telling parents about a sexual assault was the right thing to do, although the news broke on TV last Friday.

The attack happened about three weeks ago. A female Vallejo Middle School student allegedly was forced to perform oral sex on a male student in broad daylight, Vallejo City Unified School District spokesman Jason Hodge said Monday.

The attack occurred after school and apparently was witnessed by students. But the district opted not to notify parents, even after two students were later arrested and face expulsion and felony charges.

"We didn't feel like other students were in danger," Hodge said. "It was an isolated incident that didn't jeopardize the health and safety of any other students. And we're standing by that."

Additionally, Hodge said administrators had protected the victim's privacy by not publicizing the incident.

He also said the attack happened off campus, although the tennis courts are part of the Vallejo High campus.

School district officials said they are addressing the issue of sexual harassment through assemblies. But it was unclear Monday whether many students knew a fellow student had been sexually assaulted.

Three students standing outside the school said Monday they recalled hearing someone had been arrested, but knew nothing of the incident.

CBS reported that parents were "outraged" by the lack of notification.


But only one parent had been interviewed, and Hodge said the superintendent's office had not received any criticism or complaints over its handling of the issue.

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