CONCORD — Mirroring contracts with employee unions, three top Mt. Diablo school district administrators have agreed to forgo pay raises next year.

The school board on Tuesday approved contract extensions to June 30, 2010 totaling nearly $460,000 for Associate superintendent Alan Young and assistant superintendents Gail Isserman and Mildred Browne. Young, who oversees secondary education and supervises the elementary assistant superintendent, earns nearly $160,000 annually. Isserman and Browne each earn under $150,000 and are responsible for personnel and student services, including special education.

The board also ratified employee bargaining contracts with the district's Local One clerical, secretarial and technical union and revised its agreement with the California School Employees' Association, which represents employees including campus supervisors. The unions agreed to doing without pay raises through 2010, with the district picking up increased medical, dental and vision benefits.

"We certainly wish we were in better financial times, for all of our sakes," board President Gary Eberhart said. The teachers' union has also agreed to no pay raises for a year, with limited medical benefits. District employees are working to pass Measure D on the May 19 ballot, a $99 per parcel tax that could generate $7 million a year for five years, if it receives two-thirds voter approval.


Trustees have agreed to reinstate some positions and programs if the measure passes and no more budget reductions are necessary. Measure D money could also be used to increase employee salaries, except for administrators.

The board unanimously approved bylaws for a 10-person Measure D oversight committee, which would monitor expenditures, if the measure passes. Trustees urged those interested to contact them.

Due to possible cuts in First Five school readiness program funds, the board unanimously agreed to eliminate a community school coordinator and part-time family resource worker. The district previously had decided to cut 424 certificated positions including teachers because of state budget reductions.

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