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Credit-card readers: Small businesses now have more options

01/08/2015 12:33 PM PST
Online retailers Amazon and Etsy are just two of the latest companies to offer mobile credit card readers to small companies, joining the likes of Square, PayPal and Intuit. 
Oakland A's
01/08/2015 06:44 AM PST - Ryan Frigo said that he created the name and apparel to combat negative perceptions of his hometown and boost civic pride. The Oakland A's recently advertised a "Stoaked" T-shirt on its website to celebrate the team's playoff run. Frigo said Major League Baseball "stole from Oakland youth."  
01/02/2015 01:59 PM PST - SAN FRANCISCO -- As a Mexican-American woman who started her own consulting firm in Los Angeles, accountant Sonia Luna has taken advantage of programs aimed at helping minority- and women-owned businesses compete for government and corporate contracts.  
Evan Vucci
12/24/2014 03:28 PM PST - If you're looking for signs that the U.S. economy is growing and that the job market is improving, just talk to small business owners.  
Bay City News
12/18/2014 10:44 AM PST - Tensions ran high Tuesday over the fate of the San Francisco Flower Mart after a major developer announced that it would redesign the flower market, thought of by many as a historical landmark that fosters one of the remaining working class industries in the city.  
Richard Drew
12/17/2014 01:45 PM PST - Entrepreneurs and other users have been seeking the secret to getting their projects selected as a 'Staff Pick' -- a designation that one of Kickstarter's 98 employees can give a project based on his or her personal tastes.  
11/29/2014 03:47 PM PST - The day after Black Friday, small business owners talk about the challenges and rewards of running the shops and stores that are the soul of American communities.  
LiPo Ching
11/25/2014 09:59 PM PST - The world's oldest industry -- farming -- has become the focus of big-name Silicon Valley investors and hotshot entrepreneurs, with dozens of companies creating technology to make farmland more productive and farming practices more efficient, such as drones to survey crops or software that calculates grass production for cattle grazing.  
Frank Franklin II
11/12/2014 01:58 PM PST - Small and independent retailers are getting more aggressive in using Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram in preparation for the important holiday sales season and beyond.
10/24/2014 07:27 PM PDT - Most women business owners are confident their sales will rise or at least stay the same this year, but don't look for them to bulk up their payrolls, a survey has found.  
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Seth Rogen sorry for 'American Sniper' comments

“The Interview” actor compared Clint Eastwood’s movie to a Nazi propaganda film depicted in “Inglourious Basterds” because both dealt with snipers, he says; but his comments were taken by many to suggest he was dismissing “American Sniper” as pro-war propaganda.