Former Warriors coach Mark Jackson created a firestorm with his suggestion that Steph Curry had hurt the game of basketball by enticing kids to spend all their time working on their 3-point shots.

Curry took it in stride, and on Tuesday Hall of Famer Larry Bird went on the Colin Cowherd radio show to speak up for Curry.

"I think he loves Steph Curry,'' Bird said. "But if you walk in any gym, if there are kids in there, they're all shooting 3-pointers. That's the way it was when I walked in gyms years ago. I don't see anything wrong with it.

"I just think Steph Curry is probably right now our best player and what a champion. He (Jackson) said `what a champion.' That team out there is a real champion. Because if you win a championship and then come out and go 28-1, that's pretty special.''