TV Tonight: 'Vampire Diaries' starts life after Elena

Plus, on 'Scandal,' let the fallout from the great affair begin. 
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Yes, we're panning 'Pan,' largely because the Peter Pan prequel, while looking gorgeous, fails to establish enough characters that you can care about.  
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A lack of birds in the garden may be the result of a switch to less-expensive food.  
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This clever Santa Cruz tour takes you aboard Betty Jane, a renovated vintage bus, to cruise to three local breweries and brewpubs.  
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Writer Noah Hawley brings an epic feel to the series inspired by the Coen Brothers film.  
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Looking for a sandwich, a cupcake or other nosh? We've got you covered with Surf Side Sandwich, Buttercup Bakery and the chic Soif Wine Bar  
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Can the eccentric singer reboot the storied 'American Horror Story' franchise? Plus, 'Casual' is a must-watch addition from Hulu.  
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Mange or a fungus infection can cause squirrels to lose their fur, but it's not necessarily a death sentence.  
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The roots run deep for Beauregard Vineyards, a father-son winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  
The cozy dining offshoot of this Alameda theater is a neighborhood gem, whether you're dining at the bar, a booth or inside the film house.  
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Plus, there's a Shaq attack on 'Fresh Off the Boat' as NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal makes a guest appearance.  
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The warmer ocean waters associated with El Niño already is causing starvation among diving seabirds as fish seek cooler waters deeper in the ocean.  
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Rather than dwell on career milestones, the famed choreographer is presenting two new works when her tour stops at UC Berkeley Oct. 16-18.  
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The grandest, largest GABF of all time takes over the Denver convention center, and when the dust clears, California breweries are holding 67 medals.  
Plus, Gordon and Bullock are reunited on 'Gotham.'  
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New books on travel, a Napa fire, female friends and more  
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Philosopher's Political Tectonics Lab to be revealed at San Francisco's Modernism Gallery next month.  
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Bees are building nests in a wind chime.  
Plus, 'The Leftovers' changes settings but drama still follows.  
Photographer Peter Armenia set to publish children's book titled, 'Burning Man: The World's Biggest Playground.'  
Even before its November launch, people (probably in the measly two-star category) are calling it creepy and terrifying.  
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'The Good Wife' opener is among the highlights of a busy TV week.  
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Boo! USA Today chose the nation's top 20 spooky theme park extravaganzas. Now you can vote on your favorites.  
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The ACT production draws from two Lysley Tenorio short stories, and plays at The Strand through Nov. 22.  
Parents, coaches debate the question of whether participation trophies are good or bad for young athletes.  
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'The Jacksons: The Next Generation' follows Tito's sons. Plus, annoying comedy 'Dr. Ken' debuts.  
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Between the pumpkin patches and soft, sandy beaches, Half Moon Bay makes the perfect family getaway.  
Former Oakland Raiders cheerleader gets second Netflix production with "Anjelah Johnson: Not Fancy." New sitcom "Dr. Ken" features two young Bay Area kids.  
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The image of a cute, fluffy chicken being cradled by a delighted child is undeniably irresistible, but it can bad for the chicken pretty quickly, especially if that chick is a rooster.  
Bedford Gallery hosts works by famed sculptor Nathan Sawaya, who turns the iconic toys into expressions of contemporary themes