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    (Shane Keyser/Kansas City Star)
    A feral cat who came to stay

    Reader recounts her experience with a stray cat that showed up and made herself at home 13 years ago. Advice from an expert has helped her keep the cat healthy all these years. 
    Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group
    A walking tour app from the founder of Groupon takes you time-traveling through San Francisco neighborhoods.  
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has turned out dozens of gems over his celebrated career, here is our list of his 10 best.  
    Husch Vineyards
    The cool marine climate of Mendocino's Anderson Valley is a natural for Alsatian grape varietals. What better place to throw an International Alsace Festival, with wines from California, Oregon, New York and -- of course -- Alsace.  
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    Plus, Chris Soules faces female firing squad on 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All.'  
    Jim Atherton/Fort Worth Star-Telegram
    Readers who had similar experiences with odd scratching sounds offer their thoughts on what might be causing them.  
    Rick and his fellow survivors adjust to life in a new and very different community.  
    It's Christmas, circa 1924, and the Crawleys have reason to celebrate.  
    Jordin Althaus/FOX
    SNL funnyman stars as the lone survivor of a deadly virus in this hilarious new sitcom. Plus, expect lot of drama -- and hopefully answers -- in the 'Downton Abbey' Season 5 finale.  
    Zeke Wigglesworth
    A Piglet cookbook bracket, burger contest and the early opening of Amador's Daffodil Hill.  
    'American Crime,' 'Battle Creek' among the week's TV highlights.  
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    A weekend getaway to Big Sur marries luxury and rugged wilderness trail when the day's delights include stops at the Ventana Inn, Big Sur Bakery and a trail that goes straight up.  
    'Sex Box' takes couple counseling to a whole new level. Plus, things get even worse on the island in 'Helix.'
    Frank Masi/Warner Bros. Entertai
    'Focus,' with Will Smith and Margot Robbie, is an entertaining and sexy comic caper, despite how it strains credibility and leans too heavily on plot contrivances that don't hold up.
    Craig Kohlruss/Fresno Bee
    A retired veterinarian gives us her best advice on furniture scratching and scratching posts.  
    Grandparents are increasingly forging relationships with their far-flung grandchildren via Skype or FaceTime.  
    Jordin Althaus/FOX
    'Saturday Night Live,' alum and Lafayette native takes a risk with offbeat post-apocalyptic premise.  
    Mitchell Haaseth/ABC
    Expect a cliffhanger or two as the freshman drama ends rookie season. Also, the female contestants go head-to-head on 'American Idol.'  
    Monty Brinton
    Blind dating lawyers, a Vegas showgirl, a roller derby queen? It's a new season of 'Amazing Race' and this time, half the teams only met each other for the first time under host Phil Keoghan's watchful eye.  
    Monty Brinton
    As the 30th season begins, tribes are split along career and attitude lines, but it's the same old game of backstabbing and blindsiding.  
    Courtesy of Lou Alexander
    A few new pigeons have shown up under feeders. What could they be?  
    Nathaniel E. Bell
    Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright return in Netflix's still-gripping political thriller.  
    Jim Cole/Associated Press
    Once older generations are gone, there's no one left to ask about family history.  
    Monty Brinton
    11 new teams of dating couples: six are preexisting, and five are duos meeting for the first time at the starting line  
    Monty Brinton
    Meet the new cast of misfits.  
    Courtesy of Amy Estkowski
    Reader wonders if he's hearing things. Do hummingbirds actually sing, or are the sounds made only with their wings and feathers?  
    Monty Brinton/CBS
    Occupation will determine tribes on perennial reality show favorite. Plus, Debra Messing reunites with 'Will & Grace' co-star in 'The Mysteries of Laura' and Charlie Sheen guest stars on 'The Goldbergs.'  
    After a false start and the hiring of an experienced, innovative new chef, Rachael Zavala, The Growler is hitting its stride in tasty fashion. Poutine, anyone?  
    D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group
    The secret to modern craft cocktails lies in the handmade bitters. Now this Uptown hotspot is teaching cocktail enthusiasts how to make their own. Hello, new-wave Old-Fashioned.  
    Ben Cohen/NBC
    'Keyshia Cole: All In' finds singer at crossroads. Plus, 'Parks and Recreation' bids farewell.
    (Shane Keyser/Kansas City Star)
    A feral cat who came to stay

    Reader recounts her experience with a stray cat that showed up and made herself at home 13 years ago. Advice from an expert has helped her keep the cat healthy all these years.