Travel Top 10: Summer hot spots

Orbitz's list of the top summer destinations for 2015 is topped by Las Vegas and a slew of sunny beaches. 
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'The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir' chronicles Weir's journey from his youth in Palo Alto to global fame in documentary on Netflix. Plus, Thomas Middleditch of 'Silicon Valley' drums up laughs on 'Comedy Bang! Bang!'  
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Readers share recipes for caramelized, candied bacon and similar craveable foods.  
UC Berkeley helped turn director of 'The Other One' into Grateful Dead fan. Plus Daly City native Sam Rockwell takes a stab at 'Poltergeist' remake.  
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Couple stumbles upon the remains of what likely was a massive battle between two colonies of ants. And, yes, the drought could have egged it on.  
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Of the two classic games now offered together on a mobile format, 'Puzzle & Dragons Z' is the stronger, with an addictive hook that will keep players busy for long car rides or waits at the airport.  
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Tech-savvy parents and other experts say that contemporary kids' overuse of technology is hurting them socially, academically and may lead to ADHD, online addiction and other disorders.  
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'Red Nose Day' blends comedy and music for charity with a lineup that includes Will Ferrell, Jennifer Hudson and Jack Black. Plus, 'Between' is Netflix's new thriller, starring Jennette McCurdy.  
Disney's latest family film delivers a hopeful message to budding innovators and communities at large, encouraging everyone, particularly teen girls, to initiate positive, mindful action to trigger needed global change.
From a presidential send-off to a special Top 10 List, the finale of David Letterman's 'Late Show' had lots to love. Tell us which was your favorite.  
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The winner of the 30th season of 'Survivor' is named, but it wasn't pretty getting there.  
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Even in drought birds can be fussy about where they choose to bathe and drink.  
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It's all a little anachronistic, this homey, 1970s-style eatery with the 2015 farm-to-table vibe. But you've got to love a restaurant that not only uses ultra-local produce from Full Circle Farm in its dishes but also trumpets that fact on its menu.  
A writer finds value in the melodramas and 'women-in-peril' thrillers produced by the Lifetime, the network aimed for an adult female audience.  
A society devoted to the art of the picnic? Now the founders of Portland's picnic club are spilling the details on basket contents, dishy recipes and how you too can picnic every weekend.  
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Who will pop by to say goodbye on David Letterman's final show? Plus, 'Survivor' wraps Worlds Apart season and '500 Questions' debuts.  
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A woman tried to get help for an injured gopher snake, but was unable to. Now she asks what more she might have done.  
Berkeley's Mint Leaf has been reimagined as Tigerlily, with a chef from Ramen Shop and food that translates Indian flavors with California's farm-to-fork ingredients. The results? A bit mixed.  
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Craft the perfect theater-loving getaway in Southern Oregon, where the Shakespeare Festival is a 10 minute walk from the shops, chic cafes and winsome galleries of the Railroad District.  
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In honor of Letterman's legendary, 33-year late-night run, and as homage to his most durable running gag, we count down the Top 10 reasons why we'll remember him fondly.
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It was Week 10 of Season 20 of "Dancing With the Stars" and the final performances turned out to be awesome and incredible  
Adam Taylor
Plus, will Barry try to change the past in 'The Flash' season finale?  
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An outbreak of conjunctivitis means bird lovers should temporarily bring in their feeds and bird baths when the illness is spotted.  
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Sleuthing meets scavenger hunt when Watson Adventures' madcap puzzles hit Mountain View's Computer History Museum, San Francisco's de Young and museums across the country.  
Albarino, tempranillo and other Iberian varietals have found a home in Lodi, where the vines flourish and the wines are delicious.  
Plus, Nastia and Derek are out so who will win 'Dancing With the Stars'? The finalists compete tonight.  
Sip Wrath wine in the middle of a Monterey County vineyard at this charming tasting room.  
A woman awoke to find her garden hose stretched out across the lawn. Who's responsible?  
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And so, as it turns out, rather than take a leap from a high-rise office building, Don Draper taught the world to sing .  
Readers share recipes for a slow cooker barley soup and a way to use up all those leftover egg yolks.  
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David Letterman set trashed; Dumpster divers move in

Hours after the 'Late Show' finished taping, the crew began dismantling and throwing away iconic parts of David Letterman's set.