Retirement Planner: The effect of human emotions in stock market

This might be a good time to talk about stock market bubbles. Not that they matter to the long-term buy-and-hold investor, but as an object of curiosity they are interesting to watch. 
Some people have had issues with jHub, but in general their products work well  
China's stock market is finally coming back after about eight years of lackluster performance.  
In a recent interview of Bill Gross, the former Pimco bond fund manager, he happened to mention that one of his favorite, most entertaining and inspirational books was "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator," by Edwin Lefevre in 1923.  
In spite of the rising tide of the economy raising all the boats (new and used), the improved consumer confidence surveys may just reflect people who are laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside.  
I hate to continually sound off about the behavior of the "too-big-to-fail" banks, but what just keeps coming up with these huge financial institutions is impossible to ignore.  
As if it wasn't enough to have politicians like Elizabeth Warren fighting for the "little guy" with new consumer protection legislation, the U.S. Supreme Court has just handed 401(k) participants the heavy artillery they have long deserved for improving investment performance.  
Trying to factor in all these moving parts can give us headaches. The thought we want to hold as amateur investors is that we can insulate ourselves from these shifting sands with a combination of the right investments and the right mindset.  
The bottom line for bond fund investors is to focus on the amount of money deposited each month into a checking account from the fund, while ignoring any fluctuations in capital value. Those periodic downdrafts are only losses on paper unless you're an investor who freaks out and bails out at that inopportune moment.  
Just when we think we have driven a stake through the heart of efforts to repeal the "Death Tax," the House of Representatives, with too much time on its hands, has managed yet another attempt to appease a group of the nation's wealthiest families.  
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