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Uber ramping up lobbying in its home state

07/30/2015 06:47 AM PDT
Uber now spends more on lobbyists in California than Wal-Mart, Bank of America or Wells Fargo.  
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Facebook on Wednesday said it raked in $4 billion in sales and earned 25 cents per share, which was higher than Wall Street expected. But the company's expenses have also been growing fast, bringing down its profit in the second quarter.  
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Today: Twitter stock tanks to a 52-week low after reporting disappointing users growth Tuesday. Also: Facebook beats analyst expectations, and Yelp shares crumble 25 percent.
Windows 8 was Microsoft's way of modernizing personal computers, as smartphones and tablets grew more popular. But it came across as trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. With Windows 10, everyone gets along. There are still separate desktop and tablet modes, but you largely stick with one or the other depending on whether you have a keyboard.  
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Live exorcism to air on cable TV

Destination America will mark the 66th anniversary of case that inspired iconic horror film.