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  • James lead Cavs past Warriors - 02/26/2015 07:55 PM PST
    Kawakami: A's and Oakland have only each other

    02/25/2015 09:47 PM PST
    If Raiders follow Warriors out of Oakland, a new ballpark for A's becomes a realistic vision
    Kawakami: Sharks treading water once again, but they're trending down
    02/23/2015 04:57 PM PST - San Jose Sharks management's ineffective half-measures after last season aren't Todd McLellan's fault. 

  • Kawakami: Giants fans should r-e-l-a-x - 01/27/2015 06:27 AM PST
  • Kawakami: Raiders put Del Rio in charge - 01/16/2015 09:34 PM PST
  • Kawakami: Jack Del Rio is Raiders guy - 01/14/2015 11:39 PM PST
  • Mark Purdy
    ( Ross D. Franklin )
    Purdy: Baseball's pace rules are all about TV

    Baseball's 'pace of play' rules announced by commissioner Rob Manfred are strictly to appease TV folks; fans at AT&T Park and Coliseum are doing just fine. 
    M. Thompson II
    (Manica Architecture)
    Thompson: Take emotion out of Raiders stadium issue

    Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis is doing right by the city and Alameda County by seeking a stadium deal elsewhere rather than having his team pillage local tax dollars again. 
    Bud Geracie
    ( )
    Wake of the Week archive: Trouble for local hero 10 years ago

    Bud Geracie's archived column from 2004 that takes a sideways look back at the local and national sports scene