The Newark Police Department this morning is reporting serious vehicle crash in Newark.Police said two vehicles were involved in the crash at the intersection of Cedar Boulevard and Cedar Court.  
One woman was killed and one other person was hospitalized after a car was rear-ended while sitting in traffic Thursday afternoon, police said.  
Memorial Day weekend travelers may need to plan detours, delays. Highways 4 and 160 in Contra Costa also plan closures.  
(Courtesy of Doris Tuck)
In San Jose, an epic battle of the ants

Couple stumbles upon the remains of what likely was a massive battle between two colonies of ants. And, yes, the drought could have egged it on. 
( Randy McMullen )
Duggar son apologizes after molestation accusations surface

Josh Duggar, one of the cast members of the TLC reality show '19 Kids and Counting,' was accused of molesting five young girls, including his sister, as a teenager; no charges were filed. He reportedly takes responsibility in an issued statement.