• Venture capital investing stays hot - 08/04/2015 05:05 PM PDT
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    Nasdaq aims to build relationships with Silicon Valley startups

    Nasdaq has long been known as the 'tech-heavy' stock exchange, where some of Silicon Valley's best-known companies have gone to sell shares. Now, as it faces stiff competition from rival exchanges to lure the next hot IPO, it's reaching out to business startups before they go public.  
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    It's no secret that technology is changing the car industry. The major automakers, as well as tech giants such as Google and possibly Apple, are laying the groundwork for the first driverless cars. Meanwhile, a number of engineers and entrepreneurs have started their own companies to tackle other automotive challenges.  
    The venture capital investing boom has sent millions of dollars to startups that serve the upper crust of society with an app to deliver your laundry or order a valet to park your car, but many VCs continue to resist investing in viable businesses that are bringing toilets, water and electricity to the rural poor.