The Weather Guy: Jan Null specializes in telling Bay Area residents what to expect in the forecast
Whenever a potential storm system is looming, Saratoga's Jan Null will be inundated with calls from media outlets -- including this one -- seeking his insights on whether the region is going to get a drenching or just sprinkles.

San Jose preparing tough drought plan
As the drought worsens, San Jose prepares restrictions on landscape watering 

Snow on Bay Area peaks could follow rainstorms Tuesday
With a historic state drought routinely shattering records for dismal rainfall and high temperatures, Mother Nature now appears to be messing with us: If current forecasts hold true, an incoming cold front will bring modest snowfall that dusts the Bay Area's highest peaks in the next couple of days. 

Bay Area rain expected on Easter Sunday, next few days
Weather forecasters are predicting rain for the San Francisco Bay Area during the next few days, according to the National Weather Service.