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    Man accused of buying auto insurance from scene of car wreck

    ALTOONA, Pa. (AP) — Authorities say a Pennsylvania man called an insurance company from a crash scene to buy auto coverage and later claimed his wreck happened after he got the policy. Full Story
    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — It looked like a steal: $72 for a round-trip business class ticket on South African Airways between Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi.   Full Story
    BERLIN (AP) — Police say someone removed faucets from the still-incomplete headquarters of Germany's foreign intelligence service in Berlin, causing a large water leak.   Full Story
    (Junie Bro-Jorgensen/Tribune Media Services)
    Aging kitty's meowing could be sign of distress

    DEAR JOAN: We have two male cats. One sleeps in our bedroom nightly. The other one, who is close to 15 years old, chooses to sleep in a spare bedroom downstairs for most of the night.