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Lethal force necessary? 'He was just an unarmed kid'

The parents of a 19-year-old San Jose man shot and killed in an apparent struggle with a police officer outside a downtown Pleasanton car shop are challenging the idea that lethal force was necessary, and have enlisted a celebrity attorney. 
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S.F. shooting spurs sanctuary debate

As Mexican national and five-time deportee Francisco Sanchez somberly stammered an apology to the family of the woman he said he accidentally killed as she walked along a scenic San Francisco pier, factions on Monday squared off on the city's policy of noncooperation with federal immigration officials. 
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Is drought driving coyotes into yards?

Some Bay Area residents are fearful that the drought may be causing coyotes and other wildlife to seek food and water deeper into residential neighborhoods. 
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Purdy: Hard questions on women's soccer

Pay inequity, lack of thriving pro league in North America among questions facing women's game  
Taste-Off: The tastiest healthy ice pops -- and the nastiest

Commercially produced ice pops run the gamut from neon-hued, ersatz flavored, sugar bombs to ice lollies that use fresh, real ingredients and little sugar. Here’s the scoop on the best and worst. 
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Subway pitchman Jared has home raided in porn investigation

Jared Fogle’s Indiana home gets visit from FBI, who won’t offer details. Raid comes two months after director of Fogle’s foundation arrested on child pornography charges.