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Ex-CEO charged with falsifying late wife's will

Stephen King, former head of the oil giant's South African operation, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Contra Costa court on five felony charges involving his deceased wife, who also served as a Chevron executive, and her estate. 
( Gary Reyes )
Driest January in history

With high-pressure system parked off the West Coast for the whole month, fears that the 'Ridiculously Resilient Ridge' in 2014 that led to the third year of California's historic drought may have returned. 
Solutions outlined for state parks

California's venerable state parks -- from sunny Los Angeles beaches to towering redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains -- are under "serious stress" and suffering from declining budgets, shorter hours, higher fees, a $1.3 billion maintenance backlog and outdated technology.  
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SF IndieFest: 5 films you shouldn't miss

From the inspiring 'F R E E' to the creepy 'Black Mountain Side' to the charming and illuminating 'Beyond Clueless,' IndieFest is packed with low-budget gems.